Information for Scholarship Panel Members

Scholarship and grant applicants are assessed against the criteria and their supporting documentation.  In some cases, applicants are interviewed by a selection committee.

The most meritorious applicants are offered the scholarship. If there are no meritorious applicants, the scholarship or grant may not be offered.

As a member of a selection panel, please review the panel members roles and responsibilities information below.

Panel member’s roles and responsibilities

  • Awareness of the relevant scheme's specific criteria
  • Ensuring the selection process is fair, equitable and free from discrimination
  • Maintain confidentiality related to all aspects of the selection process, including applicant numbers and applicant details
  • Avoid unconscious bias
  • Declare any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest at the commencement of the selection process. If a conflict is declared work with the Executive Officer, Student and Academic Services to determine if they should continue as a member of the panel
  • The selection criteria are defined by the criteria published on the University of South Australia’s Scholarships website. This is the only criteria to be used in the process of ranking and selecting recipients
  • Using appropriate skills, knowledge and experience, weigh up the evidence supporting each applicant’s claim against the selection criteria to identify the most meritorious applicant
  • Selection will be based on combined scores ie. The applicant(s) with the highest score against the criteria will be awarded the scholarship. Where applicants have similar scores, panel member discussions (either in person or electronically) may further inform the relative merits of each application
  • Where there is an interview, only questions that are relevant to the criteria may be asked of the student.
  • Score sheets will be provided with each application package to assist with assessment and ranking against the criteria.
  • Completed score sheets must be returned to the Executive Officer, Student and Academic Services at the conclusion of the process