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Please note: Prizes and Awards are subject to change and are awarded based on conditions current at the time of award

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Ian Davey Research Thesis Prize

The Ian Davey Research Thesis Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding research thesis passed and leading to a Doctor of Philosophy in the preceding calendar year. The prize is intended to be a prestigious honour and may not be awarded in a year should the selection committee consider there is not a meritorious candidate.

Candidates will be nominated by Institute Directors, Directors of Research Centres or Deans of Research (or equivalent), by the end of December, for presentation at a graduation ceremony in the following year. The prize will be normally awarded to a thesis of excellence that is: passed without changes or only with minor changes of an editorial nature, noted for the quality of the examiners and the content of their reports, accepted or most likely to be accepted for publication and likely to have a significant impact on communities beyond the University.
Value: $3,000

Ian Wark Research Institute Medal

The Ian Wark Research Medal is awarded to the most outstanding Future Industries Institute graduate from the previous year.  The medal is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and originality of the research;
  • Student’s comprehension of the field;
  • Significance and utility of the research as a contribution to, or as an application of, knowledge; and
  • Impact of the thesis through the number and level of international publications and presentations.

Value: Medal


Michael Miller Medal

HDR students with Unisa STEM Awarded annually to the graduate or graduand with the most outstanding PhD thesis.
Value: Medal


Norton Jackson Material Science and Engineering Medal

The Norton Jackson Material Science and Engineering Medal recognises the achievements of graduates of the Future Industries Institute (FII). The medal will be awarded annually to the PhD graduate or graduand who completed their PhD in the previous year and has demonstrated the most potential or real application of research in industry. Examples of this include versatility in application of science to the materials industry and diagnosis and solution of diversified materials problems. Nomination for the medal will be made by the principal supervisor or co-supervisor(s), with the submission of a summary of the student's research in relation to the criteria, a 1 page written statement from the student regarding the future value of their research, and copies of the thesis abstract and the complete examiners' reports. The thesis will be available to the selection committee upon request. FII will advise the medal winner of their award and the medal will be presented to the recipient at the University of South Australia Scholarships and Grants Ceremony.
Value: The Norton Jackson Material Science and Engineering Medal will be awarded with a cash prize of $7000.