1. Find a scholarship

First things first!   

UniSA provides scholarships to international, domestic, undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and research degree students.  We have a range of categories for students who:

For those who are not yet studying at UniSA; we have some scholarships that are open to current year 12 or gap year students who are intending to commence at UniSA in the following year.  We also have some High Achieving Scholarships and Sponsorships available for international students who are intending to commence at UniSA in the following year.  

Using the search function on our website, you can use key words and filters to return a list of appropriate scholarships.   You can click on any type of scholarship and that will take you to a list of relevant scholarships.  From there, you can use the lefthand menu to navigate to even more scholarship types!

If you are interested in a UniSA scholarship, it’s important that you review the selection criteria in relation to your own circumstances before applying.   Read the criteria carefully and make sure that you can address each point.   The selection criteria is listed under each scholarship on the UniSA scholarships website.   UniSA staff do not know your full circumstances, so we are unable to confirm if you are eligible for a scholarship until you have applied for it! 

Remember...  keep LOOKING! 

We have scholarships available for the different stages of your UniSA study career, such as commencing, second year, third year, final year, etc.   So if you don't find a scholarship that suits you now, you may find something for your future! 

We are also constantly updating the scholarships website as new scholarships become available. 

You can check the following spots for the latest info:

  • UniSA student email: we regularly send targeted emails and e-newsletters to students about scholarships that they may be eligible for.

  • UniSA Scholarships website: there are new scholarships being offered ALL THE TIME!  There is such a wide range of scholarships available – including scholarships from our external partners

  • Social media: did you know that you can connect with UniSA across a range of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook#unstoppable!   You’ll find info on upcoming scholarships on the majority of our social media platforms.

  • my Scholarships: when a scholarship is open for applications via the student portal – this is where you’ll find it.   But remember – not ALL scholarships are to be applied for via the student portal.  It is important to review all the information provided under each scholarship on our website so that you don’t miss out!

Remember to APPLY APPLY APPLY!!!!  You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, so make the most of the opportunities. Remember, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know!