Student Data Reporting

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Reports from the Student Systems are available in a number of formats on the web. Reports provide the University community with lists and summarised data in respect to students and their study programs.  Our target is to present student data in a way to provide insights to support business operation and decisions.

Student data reports are available from the following sources:

  • myUniSA Staff Portal (staff access only): Student Lists available from the Teaching section include:
  • Class Lists
  • Course Lists
  • Program and Enrolled Courses
  • Program Lists

These reports can be viewed online or saved in MS Excel formats. The Mailing Lists are separated from these reports and presented as mailing labels that can be sent directly to your local printer. 

  • UniSA BI Reporting (staff access only): A web-based management information reporting environment providing University wide access to management reports including Student data. It is worth checking this site regularly to see if there are any reports that suit your requirements. Most of these reports are generated using parameters added by the user, allowing you to produce specific reports based on these parameters. The data in these reports comes from UniSA student information systems and should be, at most, 24 hours old. Some popular report folders include:
  • Enrolment / Timetable
  • Full Academic Record
  • Scholarship Management
  • Examination
  • Credit Assessment
  • Research Education

UniSA’s Business Intelligence environment UniSA BI Reporting has been recently upgraded (May 2018). You can access the new look portal for Student Administration, Enrolments and Research Education reports. Recommended browsers for UniSA BI Reporting are Internet Explorer V11 (or later) and for Mac users Mozilla Firefox V54.0 (or later). We recommend all users clear their browser cache the first time they go to UniSA BI Reporting; for more information go to the tip sheet here.

Ad hoc requests for student data

If none of the report options above provide the information you need please submit a request for student data using the Business Intelligence and Planning (BIP) Requests for data form

To ensure the request is sent to SAS select 'Student and Academic Services' or 'Student and Academic Services - Adhoc' from the Area drop down list.


Join the Introduction to Student Reporting and Data online training to understand UniSA Student administration and operational data.

Alternatively, register for one of our face-to-face training sessions for: 


For more information regarding UniSA Student Systems data reporting please contact the SAS SDIR Team.