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Student Information System Access (Medici, AsureID and Scholarship Management System)

Training Required

Staff using Medici for the first time must first complete the training Introduction to Medici version 9.2  

Access Form

Student Information Systems Access (PowerApp**)
Form used to obtain access to Medici, AsureID and Scholarship Management System.

Student Data Access

Student Data Access (PowerApp**)
Form used to obtain access to the my Teaching section of myUniSA and run online student data reports or to use Student Portal Emulation functionality. Please note Student Portal Emulation Access is only granted to SAS, IT HelpDesk and a few SEU staff, applications from other staff will be considered, but are generally denied.

HDR Staff Portal

mySupervision (HDR Staff Portal) (PowerApp**)
Form used only by Academics to obtain access to mySupervision. No other permission can be requested from this form.

Internal Exam (Databee) and Offshore Exam Management

Internal Exam (Databee) and Offshore Exam Management (PowerApp**)
Form used to obtain access to the Databee Exams Manager website or FileMaker Pro application.

Program and Course Management System (PCMS)

Program and Course Management System (PCMS) (PowerApp**)
Form used to obtain editing access to the PCMS application.


Mandatory Staff Training

Before you can apply for access, you will first need to successfully complete the online training module(s) relevant to your role to get a basic understanding of the system and the functions available to you.

Upon completion of the required training module(s), you will need to download the Certificate of Completion and attach it to your InPlace Access Request.

Important note: you will not be able to submit an InPlace Access Request until you have successfully completed the relevant training module(s).

Professional Staff:
Work Integrated Learning Staff:
 Academic Staff and Staff Supervisors:


Access Form

Once you have successfully completed the relevant online training module(s) and downloaded the Certificate(s) of Completion, you can apply for InPlace access.

The InPlace Access Request form is used to obtain or change access to the student placement system, InPlace.

The form is to be submitted by;

  • Professional staff from Academic Units who are involved with student work integrated learning activities
  • Academic staff who are involved with student work integrated learning activities
  • UniSA staff who are supervising students during work integrated learning activities

InPlace Access Request (PowerApp**)

If you need assistance with completing the InPlace Access Request form, please contact your local WIL team.

** PowerApp form (by Microsoft) will request access to Office 365. Please click the "Allow" button if you are prompted. To prevent any processing delays, please let your Approver know the request will be come from email "" and is a legitimate email. Otherwise it could be caught in mimecast email security portal.

If you have any questions or issues regarding these forms please read the User Guide or then contact



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