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myUniSA - Staff

The Teaching section of the myUniSA Staff Portal provides staff with access to a range of student information.  The four key sections are described below.


The Courses section allows you to search for courses by a range of criteria including Subject Area, Study Period and  Course Id. Information is presented in a tabbed format broken down into the following categories: delivery, messages, classes, students, result entry, library, class staff, and course staff. Reports can be generated and exported to MS Excel for student lists by class or for all students enrolled in the course.  Other features of this section include the ability to email all students enrolled in the course and to add courses that are used on a regular basis to a favourites list.


The Programs section allows you to search for and display programs by a range of criteria including Program Code, Academic Unit or Program Type. The tabbed format is used for presentation in this section with the following categories currently being displayed: delivery, messages, courses and program director. A report can be generated that provides a list of all students currently enrolled in the program.  Programs can be added to a favourites list to enable easy access to those used on a regular basis.

Find a Student

Students can be searched by Student Id, Network Username, Family Name and First Name.  Student information provided includes:

  • Personal details - contact address, phone numbers etc
  • Current and previous program enrolments
  • Current and previous course enrolments
  • Credit transfer history
  • Research information

If the student has current course enrolments this information can be exported as an MS Excel spreadsheet.  For staff members with the required access the student can be emulated in the Student Portal from this section.

Professional staff requiring access to the Find a Student section need to complete the Student Data Access form. If you have any questions or issues please contact

Student Lists

Student Lists are reports generated by the data reporting tool Cognos Impromptu.  Lists are available for Program, Course and Class information as well as Mailing Lists (for generating mailing labels).  These reports are generated in PDF format however can also be viewed as Excel spreadsheets.

For more reports available through Cognos see the my Management section of the Staff Portal or go directly to the UniSAinfo reporting site.

Please note: Privacy Policy (M1) must be adhered to at all times when using UniSA IT systems.