Student forms

Some of these forms must be lodged by certain dates, please refer to the Important Dates on the form or key dates and timetables. To ensure accuracy of your personal information regularly check your record on myUniSA

For further information, please refer to the relevant Academic Policies.

Academic review Admissions Credit Elite athletes/ performers
Enrolment Exams and assessment Graduations and transcript Payments
Leave/ withdrawal Professional registration Personal details Student exchange

What type of student form are you looking for?

Domestic and International Student International Student Offshore Student Research and Postgraduate

Domestic and international student general

Need a general student form? Forms for academic review, admissions, credit, elite athletes, enrolment, exams, transcripts, leave and withdrawal from programs, personal details and more.
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International student only

Are you an international student needing forms? Find confirmation of enrolment, release letter request, refund request and under 18 forms here.
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Offshore student

Are you studying with us offshore? Find forms for academic review, admissions, credit enrolment, exams, graduations, appeals and more.
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Research and postgraduate

Find forms and guidelines relevant to the lifecycle of your research degree.
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