Exams for OUA students

Important announcements

OUA Exam Services centrally manages the OUA exam timetable and options of exam venues for all OUA end of Study Period/Session written invigilated (supervised) exams.

Important information about OUA Study Period 2 2015 written invigilated (supervised) exams

OUA Exam Services recently sent an email to students advising when the OUA exam timetable will be available. This email was sent to the email address students have recorded with OUA.

Please check your email for details, or visit the OUA Exams and Results dashboard for information about viewing your exam timetable and selecting an exam venue.

OUA Exam Services:
Email: exams@open.edu.au
Phone: 03 9902 7891

Exam arrangements

  • All written invigilated (supervised) exams will be organised by OUA Exam Services
  • All exams will be held during business hours
  • The costs associated are covered as part of students unit fees
  • All students will be given access to an easy to OUA exam web service to view the exam timetable and select and exam venue
  • All students will be required to attend their written invigilated (supervised) exams at the venue they selected using the OUA exam web service

Exam venue

Students will select the exam venue closest to them using the OUA exam web service. An email from Exam Services will be sent to students recorded email address with OUA, advising when the venue selection period commences.

Special arrangements

For students needing special arrangements, please note the following: