Before the exam

Planning for your exams is very important. You should plan your time well and prepare for the day in advance.  Navigate through the left hand menu and view the '5 exam preparation tips' to make sure you are ready for your exam.


2020 Study Period 2 and 3 exams impacted by COVID-19:  For information on the SP2 and SP3 unsupervised online exams, please go to your course site in learnonline.  Information is also available in the Assessment and Examinations section on the Campus Central COVID-19 FAQ page.


Remember there are 3 ways you can view your exam timetable*:

*Please note all of the exam notification methods below are only available after the exam timetable release date 


1. Email – Personal exam timetable email sent on exam timetable release date.

Students enrolled externally will receive two emails. The initial email will advise that they will be allocated to an external exam centre based on their mailing address. When an exam centre has been secured the student will receive a second email confirming their personal exam timetable with their allocated exam centre.

2. MyExams link – via student portal

Course timetable
This allows students to search by course to see the exam date, time and venue.

Personal timetable website
This timetable shows the student their individual timetable including the date, time and venue (this is the same information as the personal exam timetable email)

3. Exam timetable in Excel – Available on the exams website (all courses).