FAQs on Insurance for Students

  • Students undertaking compulsory placement overseas will be covered by the University for Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and in most cases Travel insurance (you will need to contact the Insurance Office to discuss your eligibility for travel insurance). Details of coverage.
  • Liability insurance policies have jurisdictional limitations regarding USA and Canada. Placement coordinators should contact the Insurance Office for confirmation of cover prior to approving placements to these countries.
  • Due to limitations of our Medical Malpractice insurance, placements in the USA and Canada can not be considered for the following disciplines: Nutritional Physiology; Podiatry; Medical Radiation; Human Movement; Physiotherapy; Nursing & Midwifery; Pharmacy; Social Work; and Psychology.

The University provides Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident insurance for students on placement interstate. Details of coverage. In some cases students may also be covered under the University's travel insurance policy. You will need to contact the Insurance Office to discuss your eligibility for travel insurance.

Contact the Insurance Office who will advise the student on his/her eligibility to claim. The student will then be provided with a claim form and advised of the applicable excess amount.

In the case of accident or injury while on placement, the student should contact the placement coordinator or academic supervisor in the first instance. A Student Incident Report (FS24) (PDF 74.5KB - download Adobe Acrobat) must then be completed and a copy sent to the University's Insurance Office.

The University can offer some Insurance coverage for students who undertake placements/voluntary work outside of curriculum, provided that the placement is relevant to the student's program of study.

In such cases, students should contact their Academic Unit to discuss voluntary placement opportunities or alternatively you may contact the Insurance Office for more information.

Students undertaking a vacation placement supported by a scholarship are covered provided one of the following is signed by both the University and the placement provider:

  • Where the scholarship is provided by the University: A University FS23 form (PDF 39 kb - download Adobe Acrobat); or
  • The 'Responsibilities for Insurance Cover for Students on Scholarship supported External Field Placement/Research Experience' agreement: where the scholarship is provided by an external body (such as the Cancer Council).

No. If a student suffers psychological or emotional distress as the result of an incident or activities that occur while undertaking a placement, s/he should be referred to the Learning and Teaching Unit's Counselling Services.

Students who undertake study related travel may be eligible for University's travel insurance.

Travel Insurance cover is only provided free of charge if:
1. You do not have any pre-existing medical conditions.
2. Your age while travelling does not exceed 74 years.
3. You are receiving academic credit for the study related travel.

If your circumstances are different to the above, you may still be able to access UniSA travel insurance, but your individual circumstances will need to be assessed.

Prior to commencing your travel you must:

You must registration of all travel plans with International SOS - via completion of a Business Travel Request (‘BTR’) form; both of which are mandatory requirement for all staff and students travelling as part of a university program.

To access the BTR, navigate to your Business Travel portal in Appian. Your portal provides links to the BTR form and your Traveller Profile (which must be updated before each request), as well as links to your current and historic BTRs (when initiated within Appian).

University Travel Insurance coverage is automatically assessed based on your specific answers given within the BTR, follow any directions given in relation to Travel Insurance Cover which appear at the end of the BTR process.

Unless travel arrangements are registered on a BTR prior to commencement of travel, lodging a claim for any event giving rise to a claim, will be problematic.    

It is also strongly recommended that staff and students resister their travel plans with the Australian Government's Smarttraveller service: smartraveller.gov.au

The policy excess for UniSA Travel Insurance is $250 ($500 for electronic equipment). Students wishing to use UniSA Travel Insurance will be responsible for any excess deducted on settlement of a claim. The University is not responsible for expenses incurred that are not covered by the policy.

The University provides Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and where appropriate Travel insurance for students on placement. Details of coverage.

Where appropriate Medical Malpractice insurance is also provided, however please note that students are only insured when providing medical treatment under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.