Permit to Work

UniSA has a primary duty of care to ensure that health & safety of who they engage and others who may be affected by the work carried out. The Permit to Work process must be followed by Contractors prior to undertaking work at UniSA.

A UniSA Permit to Work (WHS27) must be completed and authorised for each of the below high risk tasks, before works can commence

In addition, please click on the task names below to access the associated forms which must be completed for each specific task.

  1. Access to Confined Space (WHS35 and WHS36)
  2. Hot Works (WHS38)
  3. Working at Heights/Roof Access (FM-132 and WHS78)
  4. Fire Systems Impairment (FM-130)
  5.  Isolation of Services Permit (FM-131)
  • Please provide your completed permit to the relevant campus FM Assist Office, who will review and authorise your permit.
  • If the permit is provided prior to the date of programmed works, the FM Assist team will notify you by return email when the permit has been authorised.
  • If the permit is provided by a contractor at the FM Assist Office on the day work is to be completed, it will be reviewed as soon as is practicable. Please note that this may delay the commencement of the requested works.
  • Upon completion of any works, contractors must report back to the relevant campus FM Assist Office, so that they can
    • Complete relevant sections of their permit(s)
    • Return keys to Security
    • Badge off site

Here are a list of commonly used terms that you will see in our forms, guidelines and procedures.

Contractor - a person, organisation, their employees or a nominated representative engaged to carry out work for the University in a contract for service arrangement.

Contracted Service Provider - a person, organisation, employees or representatives engage to carry out work for the University in a contract for service arrangement who have not registered via a pre-qualification process e.g. ad-hoc task.

Contract for Service - A long term agreement where the nature of the engagement involves a profession or trade. The Contractor has the power to recruit and dismiss their employees, the contractor provides plant, equipment and materials to complete the work, the contractor has the right to have another person perform the work, the University does not have direct supervision over the person performing the work, the University does not have responsibility for deducting income tax for any payments. e.g. Minor Maintenance & Porter Services, Cleaning.

Principal Contractor - is a person conducting a business or undertaking that commissions a construction project, authorising them to have management or contract of the workspace.

UniSA Contract Supervisor - The UniSA staff member nominated to administer and supervise the contract e.g. Contract Manager, Project Manager.