Locker Hire

The Facilities Management Unit provides a short term self-serve lockers for UniSA Students on each of its campuses. Use of the lockers is free of charge.

Lockers on all metropolitan campuses are available for hire on a daily basis with a maximum hire time of 23 hours. To allow for the cleaning of all lockers, doors will unlock automatically between 3am and 6am depending on the location. Please ensure belongings are removed before this time. Collection of contents is the responsibility of the user.

Conditions of Use:

  • Lockers must be kept clean and clear of food
  • Collection of contents is the responsibility of the user
  • The University of SOuth Australia shall not in any way be liable or responsible for any loss of, theft of, or damage to any property which is left in the lockers at any time.
  • The University of South Australia reserves the right to search any locker without warning for prohibited, illegal or dangerous substances or objects.

All lockers are operated with a Digi lock keypad and the majority include power and usb ports for charging laptops, tablets and phones. Instructions for use are on the lockers.

City East Lockers are located in the following locations:

  • Centenary Building - Level 2 (next to gym);
  • Playford Building - Level 2 (corridor)
  • Playford Building - Level 3

City West Lockers are located in the following locations: 

  • Jeffrey Smart Building - Levels 3 to 6
  • Catherine Helen Spence Building - Level 1 (Student Lounge)
  • George Kingston Building - Level 2

Magill Lockers are located in the following location: 

  • Building A (opposite USASA office)
  • Building B - Level 2 (long term)

Mawson Lakes are located in teh following locations: 

  • Building A - Level 1 (Transit space)
  • Building A - Level 1 (Student Lounge)
  • Building A - Level 2 (Corridor)
  • Building F - Level 1 (Foyer)
  • Building MM - Level 2 (MM2-05)
  • Building N - Level 1 (Corridor)