Appendix 2: Roles and Responsibilities

For emergency coordinators and the first person

The Campus Facilities Manager will act as the Incident Controller and is responsible to the Campus Response Team Leader in managing the overall response to a campus emergency.

The Incident Controller major priorities are:

  • Obtaining an accurate picture of the extent of the emergency
  • Ensure the safety of persons on site
  • Providing support to emergency services
  • Coordinating the deployment of internal specialist resources
  • Simplify the impact of the emergency on campus operations and services
  • Coordinating post-incident recovery strategies

The first person attending the incident is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the appropriate emergency services have been informed
  • Attending the scene of the reported emergency
  • Where applicable, acting in support of Building Evacuation Officers
  • Evacuating persons away from hazards
  • Where safe to do so, taking steps to contain or control the hazard
  • Where applicable (and practicable), checking to ensure that affected areas of the site have been evacuated
  • Liaising with emergency services
  • Isolating access to the site so that evidence material is not interfered with
  • Keeping the Campus Incident Controller informed on developments
  • Keeping the site clear
  • Completing an Incident Report