Logo & Stationery

The University of South Australia's electronic corporate stationery is available for staff to download and use as a template.

Document Templates

  • Documents / Reports
  • Certificates
  • Event Invitations
  • Outlook Email Templates


Stationery Resources 

  • University of South Australia e-letterhead
  • University of South Australia blank e-letterhead (for letters to print onto pre-printed letterhead)
  • University of South Australia e-memorandum
  • University of South Australia e-fax cover sheet
  • Email Signatures and Banners


PowerPoint templates

  • Branded template                                      
  • Template with bar footer
  • Template with logo footer
  • Template with no logo

The corporate University logos and co-brand logo artwork files are located here (staff only access).

Please click on the below links to download either the A4 or A3 calendar.



   A4 CALENDAR          A3 CALENDAR  

Envelope Sizes Envelope Dimensions W x H
B4 250mm x 353mm
B5 176mm x 250mm
C3 324 x 458mm
C4 229 x 324mm
C5 162 x 229mm
DLX 235mm x 120mm
DL 220mm x 110mm