Mail and Courier


The University of South Australia has engaged Australia Post, Decipha and Startrack to provide a mail and courier service.

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Inbound - Internal and External

Collected from GPO Box 2471 daily between 5.30am to 6.00am and then sorted by Decipha distribution centre for delivery. See Delivery and Mail Collection Schedule for each campus below.

Outbound - Internal

Outbound mail is collected from each delivery point Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays or University closure. See IPC list for delivery points IPC (Internal Post Code).

Outbound - External

Mail is to be inserted into coloured bags and correctly addressed to the relevant person, School/Division name, IPC and account codes. Check IPC code with cost centre codes here at UniSA IPC List. Outbound external mail will be collected at the same time and location as outbound internal mail.

Delivery & Mail collection schedule


Courier service should be used for Metro, Intra State, Interstate and International bookings, when your package is time critical or you wish to track and record delivery.

Ensure your package is clear of logos, old addresses or old bar codes, as this may cause your package delivery  to be delayed or not to reach the correct destination.

Use the online booking system to organise parcel delivery as this will provide the relevant address and bar coding labels for your parcel. Ensure outgoing and return address information including contact numbers is included on your parcel. If you have more than one parcel ensure that each parcel is labelled with this information.

Refer Customer Contact Guide for size and weight limits.

On-line Booking Guide





FM Assist, City East

Tel: 830 22261



Australia Post Customer Service

Tel: 1300 926 694