Training and Testing

These procedures are the fourth and last component of the University of South Australia's Emergency Response Plan. The purpose of these schedules is to summarize the training and testing measures the University takes to reduce the likelihood of emergency and crisis situations and to minimise the extent of damage arising from these situations.

Relevant Legislation

The University's training and testing measures are designed to comply with all the relevant government regulations, in particular:

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act, 1986
  • Disability and Discrimination Act
  • Building Code of Australia and associated Acts

Annual staff training schedule

Mandatory training is coordinated by the Director: People, Talent and Culture and is conducted throughout the year. Specific training modules are conducted for external contractors.

The crisis management process also support an annual schedule of reviews and exercise.

Essential safety and provisions testing

The University complies with essential safety provisions as detailed in the Development Act of 1993. The Director: Facilities Management maintains a detailed testing schedule covering:

  • Access for appliances
  • Air-handling systems
  • Egress paths
  • Emergency power supply
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Fire fighting services and equipment
  • Fire protection and compartmentation
  • Lifts
  • Signage

The University recognizes that regular inspections are effective mechanisms for identifying workplace hazards. The University requires each Academic/Business Unit to:

  • Inspect their work are for hazards on a frequent and systematic basis; and document and evaluate the findings
  • Systematic review and implementation of action plans for hazards
  • Report all Hazards and Incidents via the University reporting tool

The Safety and Wellbeing team perform periodic review of each Unit's performance against their WHS Local Action Plan which incorporates the above responsibilities.

Information for staff and students

The Facilities Management Unit is involved in student orientation each year which includes providing information on safety and security on campus, security escorts and emergency contact procedures.