Injury and Incident Reporting 

A key component of an effective incident prevention program is prompt, reliable reporting. If hazards, near misses and injuries are reported, it provides the University an opportunity to intervene at the earliest opportunity to either prevent an incident from occurring or minimise the severity of injury.

Contractors must immediately notify their University contact of any Hazards or Incidents so that it may be promptly recorded.

Contractors are to report hazards and incidents (near miss and injury/illness) to

  1. Campus Security (dial x88888 on any internal phone) or 1800 500 911 (freecall) AND
  2. Your UniSA Contract Supervisor immediately when they become aware.

Details of the hazard/incident shall be logged in the UniSA online Hazard/Incident Reporting & Investigation System by the UniSA Contract Supervisor or other relevant staff member as soon as practicable and within 48 hours.

In the event of a serious incident, Security and/or the Contract Supervisor must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the site where the incident occurred is not disturbed until a SafeWork SA inspector arrives at the site or directs otherwise.  Security staff are trained first aid officers who can respond in emergency situations.

Under WHS legislation, the University and the contractor have a responsibility to ensure notifiable incidents are reported to the Regulators immediately after they become aware.  Both duty holders do not need to report the details however, both parties should agree who will fulfil this role as part of the contract agreement.

The contracted company must provide Security/FM Assist or the UniSA Contract Supervisor an initial incident/hazard report within 24 hours providing the minimum requirements of he incident/hazard and outlining the initial investigation and corrective action that has taken place. 

Contractors may use their own documentation to manage the reporting of incidents however, the minimum requirements listed in the drop downs below must be addressed and provided within the report and provided to UniSA. 

Where the University has engaged a Principal Contractor (PC) for a construction project, the PC is responsible to notify the appropriate Regulator/s where a serious injury or dangerous incident has occurred.  The University also requires the PC to immediately notify Security and the UniSA Contract Supervisor of the incident.

The University online Hazard / Incident Reporting & Investigation System provides a user-friendly and efficient way to report hazards and incidents, record investigation findings and corrective action to prevent a recurrence.

Access is available through the Staff Portal, logging into 'myUniSA' using your username and password and clicking on the 'Report a Hazard or Incident' link.

Hazard / Incident Reporting & Investigation System (staff only)

Refer to the PTC - Safety and Wellbeing website for further information on Incident Reporting


Initial report of the incident

(Required within 24 hours of incident and uploaded into UniSA WHS&IM System within 48 hours)

  • Contractor Company Name
  • Contractor Internal Incident reference number
  • Date and time of incident
  • Full name/s of person/s involved
  • Full name and contact details of person completing incident report
  • Full name and position of Contractor Supervisor whom incident was reported to
  • Date and time reported to Contractor / Supervisor
  • UniSA Incident reference number
  • Full name and position of UniSA person incident reported to eg: Contract Manager / Project Supervisor
  • Date and time reported to UniSA
  • Location of incident – Campus/Building/Level/Room
  • Type of Incident – eg: hazard, near miss, event, injury/illness, fatality
  • Description of incident – including injury type if applicable
  • Actions taken at time of incident, including those to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Was incident ‘Notifiable’ – eg SafeWork SA, EPA, Emergency Services or OTR

If Incident is Notifiable:

  • Date and time reported (within 12 hrs from incident)
  • Notifiable Authority reference number
  • Is the Notifiable Authority intending to conduct an investigation Yes/No
  • Names of witness/es (if applicable) and contact details
  • Attachments relevant to task – eg SWMS, JSAs, Permit to Work, Licenses, Training
  • Notify UniSA if further investigation/follow-up is required


Investigation and Close-Out Report

(Required within 14 days of incident)

  • Detailed Client/Contractor internal investigation – including assessment of processes, safety training and competency
  • Recommendations resulting from investigation
  • Details of Notifiable Authority investigation eg: SafeWork SA (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of wellbeing follow up with person/s involved


UniSA may request additional information to ensure that no residual risk is present