Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for more information?

FM Assist


Phone: 830 24055.


Please report any faults immediately to or your local FM Assist office.

Does parking rates change yearly?

Casual/Visitor parking rates do not change yearly. However staff parking at Magill and Mawson Lakes fee increases annually.

Is GST charged on parking?

No, the University is exempt of charging GST, unless paying by credit card for 189 Currie St


For further information on Parking Fees please visit the Parking Fees webpage‚Äč

Expiation Notices are issued and managed by CarePark.

For further information on Expiation Notices, please visit the Parking Expiation notice page on our website.

Who can apply for Staff Parking Permit?

Any UniSA staff, adjunct staff or post graduate student

How can I apply for a permit?

Permits can be applied for via the Permit Portal.

Instructions using the Permit Portal

  • Enter your UniSA UserID and password to login.
  • A list of permit types and current rates will be displayed. Click next
  • Select the type of permit required. Click next
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Select South Australia
  • Enter your Credit card details; card type, card holder name, card number and card expiry.

You will be notified via email that your application has been submitted and a further confirmation email when your permit is approved.

Check your nominated email (including Junk folder). If you have not received the notification, email or phone 830 24055.

What happens if I accidentally chose the wrong permit?

As soon as you have realised that your application may have been submitted with an error, email or phone 830 24055 to inform them of the error. Your permit application will be rejected, and you can then apply for the permit you wish to obtain.

If your application has already been approved, a refund can be arranged, and a new application can be submitted.

Can I list more than one vehicle?

Yes. If you have access to and use more than one vehicle, you can list them so that they can be recognised as valid. The new registration MUST be registered to the same address and listed in the Permit Portal.

Can I salary sacrifice my Staff permit?

Yes. Staff can apply to Salary sacrifice their Staff permit fees via the Permit portal and completing the HRIS040 (refer to Staff/Post Graduate Parking Salary Sacrifice)

Will I be issued an official tax invoice and receipt?

Yes. A Tax invoice and receipt will be sent to your nominated email address once your application is approved. Check your nominated email (including Junk folder). If you have not received the tax invoice and receipt, email or phone 830 24055.

Can I choose my own parking bay?

NO, there is no allocated parking bays. Each park at Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses has two types of zones:

  •  Staff Parking Zone - An annual permit for staff, post graduate students and adjunct staff. 
  •  Casual/Visitor Parking Zone - Hourly/ daily permit for staff, students, visitors and contractors.

Who can I ask about the status of my Permit application?

Any application submitted which isn’t approved shall display under Pending Permit applications.

If the application has been rejected or not successfully submitted, you are able to apply for a new permit immediately.

What if I change vehicles registered to my permit?

You must register the new vehicle details via the Permit portal. Any vehicle not registered via the Permit portal will incur and Expiation Notice as vehicles are monitored via Licence Plate Recognition (LPR).

How do I request a refund?

Please email  requesting a refund on your staff permit and provide your name and vehicle registration details.

What should I do if I can't log in?

You must use your UniSA UserID and password to login. The login fields are case sensitive. If you still can't log in, email or phone 830 24055 

NOTE: Apple will automatically change any letter at the beginning of your ID to an Upper-case letter e.g. bob123 is changed to Bob123.

Where can I park?

Your Staff Permit will only permit you to park within Staff parking zone only. Parking in other zones will result in an Expiation Notice.


For further information on Staff Permits please visit the Staff Parking webpage


Who can park in the Casual/Visitor Parking Zones?

Any vehicle can park within the Casual /Visitor zones. Please note parking fees apply.

How can I pay for Casual Parking?

Parking can be paid for either Pay-by-Plate machines or the UniSA Parki App

Do I have to display a ticket in my vehicle?

No. Carparks are monitored by Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technologies.

Will I be charged extra for paying by credit card?

No, the University pays for banking fees. You only pay $0.20 per hour, with a maximum of $2.00 per day


For further information on Casual/Visitor Parking please visit the Casual/Visitor Parking webpage

‚ÄčTransit parking is for staff (who pay for permanent parking) to transition between University campuses for the purpose of teaching responsibilities, staff management and/or cross campus responsibilities.

Single Trip Transit cards are available from FM Assist for staff who transition between University Campuses for the purpose of meetings on an ad-hoc basis.  Alternatively, staff can pay for parking via the Parki App or Pay-by-Plate Machines. Please refer to Casual Parking webpage for further information.

A Transit permit has no parking fees incurred.