Staff/Post Graduate Parking

Magill and Mawson Lakes

Staff and Post Graduates can apply for an annual permit via the Permit Portal. The permit is only valid for the year of issue.

Payments can be either salary sacrificed or paid by credit card (Amex, Mastercard or Visa). Applications after 1 July will be charged at 50%. 

Multiple vehicles can be applied to a Permit via the Permit Portal. Additional vehicles MUST be registered to the same address. Vehicles without a valid permit, payment or parked in an incorrect zone will be issued with an Expiation Notice as all vehicles are monitored by license plate recognition (LPR).

Parking Zones

The permit entitles parking at both Magill or Mawson Lakes within the Staff parking zones.  For parking on a casual basis, please refer to Casual/Visitor parking.

Magill Staff Parking     Mawson Lakes Staff Parking


City East and City West

UniSA - 189 Currie Street



Staff parking is available at 189 Currie St for city-based staff.

Applications are via the Permit Portal

The carpark is covered by CCTV and is conveniently located to both City West and 101 Currie Street staff. Vehicle contactless entry is facilitated via license plate recognition or staff cards.

For further details or enquiries please contact FM Assist on 8302 4055 or email

Wilson Parking 

Staff and Post Graduates based in the CBD can apply for Wilson Parking (Bent St, Clarendon St and Union St) by completing the Wilson Parking Application.

Wilson Parking Application

Alternative CBD Parking

Staff and Post Graduates based in the CBD can apply for parking at any commercial park within the CBD, directly with the provider.

Salary Sacrifice

Staff (continuing or fixed term contract) are eligible to apply to Salary Sacrifice (casual or permanent) parking fees.

Please note casual employees are ineligible to apply for Salary Sacrifice. The University reserves the right to accept or decline any salary sacrifice application.

An administration fee will be charged for each application. Refer to the Salary Sacrifice Guidelines and Conditions  prior to submitting any application.

Magill and Mawson Lakes 

Staff and Post Graduates​ car parking fees will be deducted in a single payment via the staff member's salary. 

To Salary Sacrifice Staff parking fees complete a HRIS040 and email to

City East and City West

Wilson Parking 

Staff and Post Graduates​ Wilson parking fees will be deducted as a single payment or as a fortnightly salary sacrifice deduction.

Initial Payment

  • Initial payment will consist of one fortnightly deduction (in arrears) plus one month (in advance).
  • At the end of each calendar year a reconciliation will be undertaken or upon termination of agreement. Any shortfall will be recovered through salary sacrifice.

To Salary Sacrifice Staff parking fees complete a HRIS040 and email to

Termination of Agreement

A notice period of one month is required by Wilson Parking before terminating a car parking arrangement. This is the employee’s responsibility; please contact your relevant FM Assist office for further information.

Alternative CBD Parking

To Salary Sacrifice a CBD parking (casual or permanent) fees, complete a HRIS044 and email together with the tax invoice/proof of payment to Wilson carparks (other than those specified above are regarded as alternative CBD commercial parking).


Adjunct Staff Parking

Adjunct Staff who are not receiving renumeration from the University can apply for a parking permit.

Parking is permitted in Staff parking zones on Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses.

There are no provisions for Adjunct Staff parking at City East or City West


To apply, complete the form below:

Application for Adjunct Staff Parking


If further information is required, please contact FM Assist to discuss