Adjunct Staff Parking

Adjunct parking is available at Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses only.


I acknowledge/undertake/accept that:

  • Adjunct parking entitles the holder to park, if there is a space available, in any staff parking area only at Magill or Mawson Lakes.
  • I have selected my 'home' campus as my primary location of my employment.
  • I must comply with all traffic and parking rules within the University grounds.
  • Failing to comply with University Guidelines and Policies, an Expiation Notice will be issued to me
  • I acknowledge an Expiation Notice issued to me will not be revoked.
  • While parked pursuant to the above mentioned By-Laws neither the University or any of its authorised persons are liable for any loss or damage to my vehicle or its contents
  • Authorised persons have full control of parking areas and have the right to order the removal of vehicles and/or persons creating a nuisance.
  • Additional vehicles MUST be registered to the same address and listed on my permit


I have read, understood and accepted the University Guidelines and By-Laws.