Appendix 1: Check list for use by Campus Response Teams

Date         Incident Controller Name


Relevant campus specific information is available in the FM Assist office as well as online via the Facilities Management website.



IF REQUIRED (Fire or immediate threat to life)

Contact emergency Services (Ph:000) and/or Police on 131 444


Contact Security

Adelaide Metro (88888); Whyalla (26050); Off Campus 1800 500 911

Note the time Emergency Services/Police arrives on site  
Confirm that Security radios are functioning  
Confirm that site access for emergency services vehicles is not inhibited  
Ensure that communication links with emergency services are functioning  
Arrange for Utilities (Gas/Water/Electricity) to be isolated (if needed)  
Initiate evacuation/invacuation of relevant buildings (if needed)  
Assess the potential for additional emergencies to occur and implement measures to reduce the likelihood of occurrence  
Contact the Director: Facilities Management (or delegate)  
Contact the Director: Communications and Marketing (or delegate)  
Contact the campus(es) Executive Dean(s)  
Ensure counseling/medical support is provided for injured or traumatised persons including those directly involved with the Campus Response Team  
Collate incident information and provide it to Communications and Marketing who will prepare briefing and media communications  
Conduct a post incident review to identify if there is a need for any CRT team members to complete further training  

As required contact....

The Strategic Crisis Management Team Leader  
The Associate Director: Wellbeing and Employee Benefits  
The Safety and Wellbeing team  
Any student facing services units (e.g. Library, USASA)  
Relevant Executive Deans/Managers of Business Units  
State Emergency Services (1300 300 1877)  
Animal Rescue and Ambulance (8261 4868)  
Local Council(s)  
Public and Environmental Health Services (8226 7177)