Justice of the Peace

What does a Justice of the Peace do?

The role of a JP is to act as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. For example, a JP may:

  • attest the execution of a document,
  • witness an affidavit for use in court,
  • witness a statutory declaration,
  • certify a true copy of an original document, or
  • certify a person's identity.

More information can be found via the SA Attorney General's Department website.


University of South Australia - Justice of the Peace listings

UniSA has several staff who are Justices of the Peace in and for the State of South Australia. They can witness a range of documents including statutory declarations and affidavits and can certify true copies. Please use the listing below. In all cases it is necessary to call and make an appointment.

Campus Name Additional Notes
City West Dominic Marafioti  
City West Jennifer McKay  
City West Lei (Theodore) Xu  
City West Louise Seaman