Student Functions


Student Groups, Clubs and Societies who wish to hold a function on University grounds are required to complete a Student Function Approval form and submit to FM Assist for approval at least 30 days prior to the function.

It is imperative that details of high profile guests who will be in attendance is documented on the approval form.

Alcohol on Campus 

Where alcohol is to be consumed on University premises Student Groups, Clubs and Societies must seek authorisation from the relevant Campus Facilities Manager.

A Limited Licence will normally be required for functions where the alcohol is not being provided by a Licenced caterer/business. (Refer:

See process for student applying for a Alcohol Limited License

Online Limited Licence applications with prior approval of the Campus Facilities Manager must be lodged with the Office of Consumer and Business Services at least:

  • 30 days prior to the event; or 60 days prior to the event if it is a large commercial or high risk event (festival, multi-day event).
  • The Limited Licence must be provided to FM Assist to allow for final approval of the function to be confirmed.
  • The Limited Licence must be displayed at the event.
  • A copy of a Caterer's Liquor Licence must be provided prior to the event if a caterer is serving alcohol at an event on campus.


The issue of a Limited Licence by Consumer and Business Services may stipulate security/crowd control as a requirement. The Campus Facilities Manager will assess the application and may also deem security/crowd control a necessity. If Security staff are required this will be arranged by FM Assist and the cost will be borne by the Student group/applicant.

Under no circumstances can it be assumed that University of South Australia Security staff can be used or referred to as crowd controllers for planned events/functions. 


Where representatives/sponsors/exhibitors have been invited to attend a function a FM-163 Representative-Sponsors-Exhibitors on University Grounds form must be completed along with a FM-156 External Guests on University grounds form and submitted to FM Assist. It is the responsibility of USASA to certify that a background check has been completed to confirm the Representative/Sponsor/Exhibitor is legitimate and does not conflict in any way or form with USASA or the University of South Australia.

If you have any questions regarding your function please contact the relevant FM Assist who will assist you with your enquiry.