How to create a Maintenance/Porter Request

  1. Navigate to the relevant request page and select the button labelled ‘Create a Request’
  2. When opening the request portal, you may be prompted to log in. Enter your UniSA email address and select 'Next’.
  3. The page will redirect to a UniSA branded screen. Enter your UniSA credentials and select ‘Sign In’.imageo2l8q.png
  4. The first time you access the request form, you will be presented with a screen below. To proceed, you will need to select the ‘Allow’ option at the bottom of the prompt.
  5. The next step will be filling out the request. Depending on your initial choice (Maintenance or Porter request), you will be required to fill out some mandatory information. Include as much detail as you can about your request and when you’re ready to submit, use the ‘Submit Request’ button.
  6. Upon submission, you will be taken to a confirmation page. The email address entered in the previous step will receive an email confirmation that the request has been successfully created.

If you are having troubles submitting a request of need further assistance, please contact FM Assist.