Staff Functions

A Functions & Facility hire form is required to be completed via Appian at least 30 days prior for the following staff functions:

  1. All social functions held within University grounds for staff (e.g. staff barbecue)
  2. Any official University function conducted by a Division/School/Unit (e.g. Orientation activity/Conference/Launch).

It is imperative that details of high profile guests who will be in attendance is included in the request.

Use/Storage of Alcohol on Campus

Staff that wish to consume and/or keep alcohol on University premises must seek authorisation from the relevant Campus Facilities Manager. A Limited Licence will normally be required for Division/School/Unit functions where the alcohol is not being provided by a Licensed caterer/business. (Refer:

See process for staff applying for a Alcohol Limited License

Online Limited Licence applications with prior approval of the Campus Facilities Manager must be lodged with the Office of Consumer and Business Services at least:

  • 30 days prior to the event; or 60 days prior to the event if it is a large commercial or high risk event (festival, multi-day event).
  • The Limited Licence must be provided to FM Assist to allow for final approval of the function to be confirmed.
  • The Limited Licence must be displayed at the event.
  • A copy of a Caterer's Liquor Licence must be provided prior to the event if a caterer is serving alcohol at an event on campus.


Where representatives/sponsors/exhibitors have been invited to attend a function please complete the relevant section within your Functions & Facility hire application. It is the responsibility of The Head of School/Unit/Division to certify that a background check has been completed to confirm the Representative/Sponsor/Exhibitor is legitimate and does not conflict in any way or form with the University of South Australia.

Function & Facility Hire Application User instructions

For information on how to complete the Function & Facility hire application, please refer to our user instructions or contact your local campus FM Assist