Student ID Card - Terms and conditions of use



The University of South Australia issues identification cards to students as proof of enrolment. UniSA Cards are used as identification for attendance during examinations and may entitle the card holder to the following:

1. Travel concessions (full time students only)

2. Borrowing rights in UniSA libraries

3. Access to photocopying facilities

4. Access to buildings

5. Other point of sale concessions (refer to the UniSA Student Association for more detail)

A new UniSA Card is issued free of charge to all commencing students at the beginning of each year. Full time student cards are revalidated each subsequent year of enrolment, and part time cards are issued with a 3 year expiry date.


Conditions of use

UniSA Card remains the property of the University of South Australia. You are responsible for returning the card if asked to do so.

Your UniSA Card is for your sole use and is only valid until the date shown on the card. You must not permit any other person to use your card.

You should carry your UniSA Card at all times whilst on University campuses. You must produce the card immediately to an authorised person (e.g. UniSA Security staff) on request.

Any attempt to obtain a UniSA Card fraudulently or improper use of your UniSA Card will be dealt with under the University Statutes and By Laws.

Your UniSA card is not valid if mutilated or damaged. If you lose or damage your UniSA Card, replacement cards are available at Campus Central at a cost of $10.00. 


Travel concessions

If you are a full time student, your UniSA CARD will entitle you to travel at concession fares on all Adelaide public bus, train and tram services funded by the Passenger Transport Board. You must produce your UniSA CARD immediately to an authorised person on request in a declared area when travelling on a bus, train or tram.  Your UniSA CARD is not valid if mutilated and any improper use of the card will render the offender liable to prosecution by the Passenger Transport Board.


Expiry date

The expiry date of each card is located in the coloured panel beneath the photo. A new sticker will be issued each year at Campus Central. To obtain your replacement sticker you will need to:-

1. Complete your enrolment; and

2. Produce your current UniSA Card to Campus Central staff.  


Changes to enrolment status

If your student status changes between Full Time and Part Time, it is your responsibility to contact Campus Central and arrange the appropriate alteration to your UniSA card.


Changes to address

If you change your address, it is your responsibility to notify the University either by logging on to Enrol Online, and making the appropriate change, or by contacting Campus Central.


Replacement cards

If you lose or damage your UniSA Card, replacement cards are available at Campus Central. There is a $10.00 fee for replacement cards.

If you have queries about your card or services attached to your card please contact Campus Central or visit the website at: