Evacuation Procedures

These procedures are the second of four components of the University of South Australia's Emergency Response plan.

Emergency situations on campus are managed according to procedures identified in the Emergency Response Manual. An Incident Controller is designated for every emergency and a Campus Response Team established.

To assist us in emergency situations where building evacuation is necessary, the University trains nominated individuals to act in the following roles:

  • Chief Wardens (CW) – Chief Wardens will determine whether evacuation of a floor or building is necessary and direct personnel therein during evacuations. They will also supervise the checking of assembly areas.
  • Deputy Chief Wardens (DCW) - Acts for the Chief Warden in their absence.
  • Emergency Wardens - On hearing an alarm or becoming aware of an emergency, Emergency Wardens will:
  • Commence evacuation if the circumstances within their area warrant this.
  • Communicate with the CW by whatever means available and act on their instructions.
  • Co-opt persons as required to perform warden duties.

In the absence of designated Emergency Wardens and Floor or Area Wardens, University Security Officers will act in these roles.

In an emergency the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) made up of Chief Wardens, Deputy Chief Wardens and Emergency Wardens are considered to be acting under the instructions of the Incident Controller. The ECO is authorised to direct all occupants inside buildings or on University grounds in an emergency.

A register of ECO members for each campus is kept by the Safety & Wellbeing Team on SharePoint.

Signage on the inside walls of every campus building identifies the nearest routes in an evacuation. It also identifies the appropriate assembly point for each building. The signage is maintained by FM Assist. Campus Facilities Managers, acting on behalf of the Director: Facilities Management, are responsible for ensuring all staff and students receive information on procedures to be followed in emergency situations.

Trained First Aid Officers (FAO) will provide emergency assistance where necessary. Safety & Wellbeing maintain a register of First Aid Officers (FAO) on SharePoint for each campus. All University Security Officers are trained First Aid Officers (FAO) and a first aid kit is contained within all FM Assist offices.

Academic staff will ensure that all students are evacuated from teaching areas in an orderly manner.

We encourage ALL staff, students, contractors and visitors to read these procedures and in the interest of public safety, it is important to follow any directions given by a member of an  Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) being a Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden, Emergency Warden or Security Officer.

The University also has procedures in place for the non-emergency evacuation of people with mobility impairments during power or lift failures.

Staff interested in becoming an Emergency Warden or who are required to update their existing training should refer to the Safety and Wellbeing website for further information.