UniSafe Escorts

The Security team will escort any person from any campus location to anywhere within the perimeter of the campus including the below at designated times:

Security staff have undergone a strict selection process and hold Senior First Aid certificates.

UniSafe escorts are a first step in reaching your final destination. You still need to be responsible for your own personal safety and make appropriate arrangements for safe onwards travel.

Vehicle Escorts

Vehicle Escorts are conducted by an authorised Security Driver on City Campus’s. This service commences on the 28th February 2022 and ends on 2nd December 2022. Vehicle escorts will not be available during the mid-year break between 4th and 22nd July 2022.  The service departs hourly between 7pm and 1am inclusive, with departure times at City West on the hour (e.g. 7pm) and departure times at City East at quarter past the hour (e.g. 7.15pm)

City East and City West Campus

In addition to the dedicated vehicle escorts on campus, Security Officers will conduct vehicle escorts between 8pm and 2am on a demand basis on weekends and public holidays.

Campus Security staff will also provide an on-foot escort anywhere within the perimeter of the campus and to designated commercial car parks and public transport locations.

Mawson Lakes Campus

Escorts, both vehicle or by foot, are conducted by Campus Security 24/7 for both staff and students.

Magill Campus

Campus Security Staff will provide an on foot escort within the perimeter of the campus and to designated public transport locations. 

Book a UniSafe escort

 To enquire about or book a vehicle escort on any of the four campus’s you can either:

  • Attend the Security Office on your campus
  • Dial 88 888 on any internal Phone

Security Escorts will be available only within the guidelines as stated above.
Security Escorts are for UniSA students who present their current UniSA ID Card.
Security Escorts are for UniSA students who are not under the obvious influence of alcohol or drugs as determined by the Security Officer.

Whilst every effort is made to provide this service, there may be occasions where long delays may be experienced or the service may be temporarily suspended due to unforeseen circumstances.

These arrangements will be reviewed regularly as part of Campus Security's ongoing commitment to your safety and security.