Minor Capital Works Requests


A Minor Capital Works Project is:

  • has an estimated total capital value less than $1m;
  • is focused on building and engineering construction work; and
  • is required for completion within approximately 18 months  approval.


A Minor Capital Works Project does not include:

  • Specialist equipment. i.e., Research, workshop or IT equipment;
  • Software supply or installation; and
  • General maintenance or operational initiatives.


Minor Capital Works requests can be submitted at any time in accordance with the following process:

  1. Obtain support for your proposal from the relevant Executive Dean or Unit Director (as applicable) 

  2. Contact the Manager: Capital Development in FMU (louise.brown@unisa.edu.edu) to discuss your proposal.

  3. Obtain the required inputs from FMU in terms of space availability (if required), estimated cost, constraints, timing etc.

  4. Prepare a Stakeholder Submission memo which justifies the proposal, addressing one or more of the Submission Criteria listed below.

  5. Send the completed memo to Manager: Capital Development, to progress the request to the Director: Facilities Management and Chief Operating Officer for approval.


Submission Criteria includes:

Alignment with one (or more) of the following essential criteria:

  • Enterprise 25
  • Academic Enterprise Plan
  • Academic Unit Plan

Alignment with one (or more) of the following criteria:

  • Safety: addressing an inherent safety or compliance risk.
  • Student: addressing issues with significant negative impact on the student experience.
  • Functionality: improving space that is dysfunctional or not fit for purpose.
  • Saving: deliver significant ongoing cost savings, with a suitable return on investment.