Pool Vehicle Bookings

Step 1: Driver Details

Step 2: Booking Details

Please note: 4WD and Buses are located at Mawson Lakes

At no stage are University Pool Vehicles to be taken interstate with the exception of buses and 4WD's

Your Cost Centre Manager's approval is required for this booking. Please note this booking is tentative until your Cost Centre Manager has authorised this booking.

Cost Centre Manager has ensured any potential risks for this journey has been addressed.
As the Driver, I have been identified by the Cost Centre Manager as competent in the use of this vehicle type
I confirm that I have the appropriate class of license to drive this vehicle and understand if my license is not provided for sighting at the time of collection, the vehicle will not be released.

This form will not be submitted as you have indicated that you do not have the relevant license.

As the driver, I understand my :

> responsibility under the National Heavy Vehicle Regulations, and
> a legal obligation to complete a current version of the National Driver Work Diary.

As the driver, I understand the above, and that if I tick 'No' the vehicle will not be released.

Terms and conditions of use:

  • Vehicles are not to be used for private purposes.
  • Vehicles must be returned clean, internally and externally. Should FM Assist find a vehicle is returned to campus in a less than favourable condition, a clean will be organised and your cost centre will be charged.