Academic Student Representative (ASR) Program

The Academic Student Representative (ASR) Program encourages student involvement in the continued improvement and development of the University’s teaching and learning outcomes.

An ASR's main objective is to represent and communicate the views of fellow students in their respective program year level, with the aim of improving the quality and experience of learning and teaching. ASRs are responsible for collecting student views and suggestions, and representing these through informed communication with their Program Directors about their fellow peers' university experience, both academic and social, in order to:

  • suggest solutions and improvement to help close negative feedback loops
  • suggest ideas for new initiatives and activities
  • provide valuable student-focused feedback on a range of learning and teaching issues

Video: Academic Student Representative Andy walks you through the ASR program.

Meet your ASRs

Check the list below to see if your program has an Academic Student Representative.  

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Pardis (Paradise) Rezaeian
Amanda Smith

Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)

Bailey Minchington
Kylie Hicks
Audrey Keen
Cleo Wilson
Rebekah Harris
Rhianna Baker

Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging)

Asha Kapetas
Yew Ng

Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Nuclear Medicine)

Zara Linke
Amara Rourke

Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Radiation Therapy)

Ella Evans
Charlotte Combes
Kristen Yueng

Bachelor of Podiatry

Sonia Gopinath

Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Leadership

Alex Nolan
Tyson Maker
Brianna Williamson
Michael Williams
Jaxon Morgan

Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Niamh Ologhlin
Winter Marshall
Mia Liddy
Iris May Nissen
Hannah Hill 
Eloise Spry
Elyse Williams

Bachelor of Business (Sport and Recreation Management)

Celia Elsie Cowan

Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management)

Van Trang Do

Bachelor of Communication and Media

Gul Kanak 
McKenna Paull 

Bachelor of Design (Product Design)

Andrew Barker
James Nguyen Lam
Yioti Panayiotis
Charlotte Parks
Brock Lloyd
Tom Malycha

Bachelor of Visual Effects

David Page
Elijah Potter

Master of Communication

Danissa Salasalan

Master of Design

Asmita Deshmukh 
Batul Nawab

Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Peter Lewis Murimi
Abhijeetdan Gadhvi
Madhav Nayak
Harriet Cecily Horridge Whittle


Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours) [Magill]      

Tianjie Gong 

Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours) [Mawson Lakes]      

Kayla Petrovansky

Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours)    

Sean Krauter
Cameron Pope

Master of Teaching (Secondary)    

Junwei Qi
Yumeng Feng

Bachelor of Arts

Iona Mackenzie
Sebastian Blake
Kaisa Lindberg

Bachelor of Psychology / Bachelor of Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) / Bachelor of Psychology (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills) 

Reene Dahima [CN]
Akriti Shandilya [CN]

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Neelma Pratap
Rachael Fernandez
Ella Coates
Emily Goodes
Owen Sterck

Bachelor of Psychology (Counselling and Interpersonal Skills), Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

Kylie Scheffers
Riley Hosking
Khushi Naik

Bachelor of Social Work

Alexandra Feilicia Joe

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Andrew Small

Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services)

Ha Nguyen Nguyen
Avneet Kaur Hunjan

Master of Social Work

Chanchal Yadav
Amber-Rose Cross
Yinghui Leng
Kartik Satija

Bachelor of Aviation (Pilot & Management)

Tyler George Williams
Cheng Ye 
Wing Tung Georgia Ho
Mohadeseh Shafiei
Shih-Chun Huang
Lap Yin Chong

Bachelor of Aviation (Flight)

Carman Ko
Cheuk Ho Choy

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 

Karunanayaka Gethmi Nithara

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)

Truong Vu

Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)

Fanfei Liu

Bachelor of Information Technology (all specialisations)

Bryan Chiam
Mohammad Yasin Roshani
Rijin Reju
Saronik Basu
Saraa Dutt
Ngoc Mai Nguyen
Dev Patel
Krishma Rani
Amay Bhalla
Frishta Abassi

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Alice Dall
Mark Wilkinson

Bachelor of Science

Miyao Li
Diya Vora

Master of Project Management

Apeksha Prabhu Kottar
Chaitrali Tengshe

Master of Engineering (Eng Management) 

Shiddramesh Kankanameli

Master of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure)

Vikesh Bajia

Master of Information Technology

Smit Chitania
Vidhu Gaba


If you have any questions about the ASR program, please contact