Academic Student Representative (ASR) Program

The Academic Student Representative (ASR) Program encourages student involvement in the continued improvement and development of the University’s teaching and learning outcomes.

An ASR's main objective is to represent and communicate the views of fellow students in their respective program year level, with the aim of improving the quality and experience of learning and teaching. ASRs are responsible for collecting student views and suggestions, and representing these through informed communication with their Program Directors about their fellow peers' university experience, both academic and social, in order to:

  • suggest solutions and improvement to help close negative feedback loops
  • suggest ideas for new initiatives and activities
  • provide valuable student-focused feedback on a range of learning and teaching issues

>Watch to learn more about the role and responsibilities of ASRs 

2022 applications opening early July 2022. 

Meet your ASRs

Contact ASRs at (subject line: ASR) and view more information about College ASRs (log-in required).

Foundation Studies

James Duku

Edward Manesh

Fatima Salihi

Tony Tran

Diploma Programs

Christie Neilson-Wright

Aboriginal Pathway Program

Kashay Bebe Mahomed (ASR Port Lincoln)

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Coming soon in SP5 2022

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Coming soon in SP5 2022

Coming soon in SP5 2022

More information coming soon in SP5

More information coming soon in SP5


Updated learning modules coming soon.

We endeavour to continue to build and grow the program to its full potential so it can be beneficial to student experience and university life. We are keen to get your feedback and suggestions on the areas that have worked well and require further development. This survey will help us identity those areas and improve on this program for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is vital in the future development of this program.

>Evaluation Survey for ASRs

>Survey for students (non-ASRs)

View and download resources to assist in running effective meetings and recording outcomes.

>Download ASR meeting minutes example

>Download ASR meeting minutes template

How do I obtain student feedback?

However you like! There are many ways to obtain student feedback including:

  • starting a Facebook group for your program
  • posting on your course homepage discussion forums (with approval from your PD)
  • designing a survey and email it to your cohort
  • organising a Zoom meeting
  • chatting to students during tutorials/workshops
  • posting on campus noticeboards
  • starting newsletters.


What do I do if a student asks me something I'm not comfortable with?

An ASR must not engage in the following:

  • Personal counselling/giving advice to a distressed student – refer student to USASA Advocacy Advisors or Counselling Service.
  • Bringing concerns of individual students to meetings with Program Directors if they are not investigated and proven to be a cohort/program wide concern – refer student to their tutor, campus central, or their course coordinator.
  • Providing academic assistance to struggling students – refer student to their tutor or to Peer Assisted Study Sessions.
  • Providing advice to a student regarding any form of assessment – refer student to their tutor.

In cases such as these, students should be referred to an external support network, or to the Project Officer in the Student Engagement Unit for further advice.

Contact us

Aysan Gholipoorkhalili

Student Engagement Officer
T: (08) 8302 7152
Office: B1-58 Magill Campus