VEEP Mentoring Program

What is the VEEP Mentoring Program?

VEEP Mentoring is voluntary. If you wish to participate, we will match you with a mentor who is either:

  • A current UniSA student or staff member who is also a serving/ex-serving ADF personnel, first responder or their immediate family member;
  • ADF personnel who have transitioned from the ADF to a civilian career; or
  • Defence or related industry personnel.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the process of maintaining a collaborative and purposeful relationship in order to support the mentee in reaching their goals. Benefit and reward can come from both sides of a mentoring relationship, which facilitates mutual learning, reflection and growth for mentors and mentees.

A mentor is a person with whom you would build a relationship, who would give you advice or help related to your particular situation. 

Why participate in the VEEP Mentoring Program?


  • Share your knowledge and experiences, answer questions, and offer guidance and advice
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Develop your leadership potential and gain coaching skills
  • Build connections to UniSA and increase your professional network
  • Contribute to the development of professionals in your industry and in your community
  • Contribution towards the UniSA+ Award


  • Get answers to questions and share solutions to problems with other students who have been in that position
  • Get advice on careers and finding jobs
  • Expand your network and your skills in developing social and professional contacts
  • Build your self-confidence

What is the commitment?

The time commitment is approximately 4-6 hours per study period. Participants will be invited to attend a VEEP Mentoring "kick-off" event at the beginning of the study period and then a wrap-up event at the end of the study period.

Mentees are expected to:

  • develop personal learning/development objectives with your mentor before or during the first meeting and review these throughout the program
  • initiate and organise the meetings times and places with the mentor but can coordinate this with the VEEP Project Officer
  • develop an agenda for each of the meetings with their mentor and ensure the mentor receives the agenda prior to each meeting.

Mentees and Mentors can expect to meet or connect by email/skype/phone 3-4 times throughout the study period.

How to participate

If you are a current UniSA VEEP student who would like to receive a mentor

Register to receive a mentor


If you are a current UniSA student or staff member who is also a serving/ex-serving ADF personnel, first responder or their immediate family member who would like to become a mentor:

Register to become a mentor

If you are defence or industry related personnel who are interested in becoming a mentor please email us at:

Contact Us

For more information about VEEP...

Helen Stapleton
Project Officer: VEEP
Phone: +618 8302 1078



For assistance with the application process and study support options...

UniSA Campus Central
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For enquiries about UniSA's Defence partnerships...

Matt Opie
Director: Defence & Space
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