Individual Access to Transit Parks

Access to the Transit Car Parks at City East, City West, Magill and Mawson Lakes is automatically activated at the beginning of each year for the Senior Management Group, Directors of Units and General Managers. Academic and general staff may apply for individual access to Transit Parks for the period January to December through FM Assist using the Transit Parking Application Form. Staff may apply for individual access under the following criteria:

  1. if they teach on a campus other than their home campus and such classes are programmed on Syllabus Plus, or
  2. if they have cross-campus call-out responsibilities, or
  3. if they have academic program management responsibilities or staff with a direct reporting relationship based on a campus other than their home campus.

Staff MUST have a CURRENT University Parking Permit from their home campus to utilise Transit Parking.

Access on an individual's access card will need to be supported by the Academic Unit, General Manager or the Business Unit Manager for consideration by the Campus Facilities Manager or nominee. If approved, access will be granted for a set period of time and have an expiry date. Staff will need to reapply if further access is required.

Staff ineligible for individual access can still opt to use Pool Vehicles or single-trip access cards available from their local FM Assist Office.

As a general rule, it is expected that staff who are engaged in business development/income generating activities or who attend other campuses for meetings, would not be eligible for individual access but would be expected to utilise these options.

Access either via individual or single trip cards is not a guarantee that a Transit Park will be available. If a staff member is unable to find an available park in the Transit Car Parks on arriving at City East, City West, Magill or Mawson Lakes campuses the onus is on the staff member to find alternative parking in a Public Car Park at the City campuses or in Staff Parking zones at the Magill or Mawson Lakes campuses. Staff should always allow for the need to seek parking outside the University's Transit Parks.

Notwithstanding that there may be a preference for holding meetings at City campuses, staff are encouraged wherever practicable to schedule meetings on suburban campuses where the demand on car parking is not as high.

Parking on Other Campuses

City East, City West, Mawson Lakes & Magill

Transit parking is available in designated bays at City East, City West, Magill and Mawson Lakes Campuses. These bays are within Reserved car parks and are clearly signed "Transit Parking".

The locations of the Transit Parks on each campus are as follows:

  • City East - Wilson Parking
  • Magill - M6 Car Park - Blue Transit bays
  • Mawson Lakes ML1 Car Park - Blue Transit bays
  • City West - Wilson Car Park, Clarendon Street Car Park

Additional Information

City West - Wilson Car Park

Car Park Location and Entry   Parking Layout   

City East - Wilson Parking

Car Park Location and Entry   Parking Layout   


Single Trip Access Cards from Security

Each Security Office has a stock of 10 single-trip Access Cards available for staff to access the Transit Parks at City East, Mawson Lakes and Magill. For City West transit parking, only five single trip cards are available from City West, Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses. Staff must have a current University Parking Permit from their home campus to access these cards.


These cards can be booked in advance by phoning x55555 or by emailing FM Assist on your home campus, Please include the following details in your email:

  • Staff Member’s name,
  • Telephone number,
  • Cost Centre, and the
  • Date and time/duration the card is needed.

A confirmation email will be sent once your request has been processed.

Please return the card to the FM Assist office from the campus of collection no later than their booked return time. As with pool vehicles, late returns can affect the next booking.

The use of the single trip card will imply acceptance of a possible administrative charge to your cost centre of $20 to cover the follow-up costs associated with an overdue card, if required.

Loss of City West Transit access card will lead to a charge, currently $33.00 per card.