Transit Parking

Staff who commute between campuses for ad-hoc meetings can use pool vehicles, chauffeured vehicles, transit parking or paid parking at Magill and Mawson Lakes. 

City East and City West

Staff who salary sacrifice commercial parking on their home campus should contact FM Assist Magill for further options.

Magill and Mawson Lakes

Staff who pay for permanent parking on their home campus can access single use transit cards to commute between campuses for the purpose of teaching responsibilities, staff management and/or cross campus responsibilities. Staff with long term requirements should contact FM Assist Magill for further options.

City Campus Single Trip Parking Request 

(Magill and Mawson Lakes staff only)

Staff MUST comply with the following conditions:

  • Pay for permanent parking on their home campus.
  • Park in a UniSA Transit bay and comply with Wilson Parking conditions of use.
  • Transit cards may only be used for business purposes.
  • Transit cards are non transferable issued for a maximum of 2 business days.
  • Return the Transit card to FM Assist office where it was issued.
  • Late card returns may result in future requests being declined.
  • Lost or Stolen cards MUST be reported immediately to
  • Failure to return the Single Trip Transit Card will result in fees being charged to the applicant.

To apply, complete the request below: 

Single Trip Transit Parking Request

City Transit Parking Locations

Parking is accessed via boom gates by swiping the Transit card against the card reader. Staff should park in the UniSA allocated bays as per parking layout maps below:

City East - Wilson Parking 

Car Park Location and Entry   Parking Layout

City West - Wilson Car Park

Car Park Location and Entry Parking Layout