How to register for workshops through myHR

 Are you a visual person? Download the pdf (404kb) for screenshots with your steps. 

Step 1

Go to your myHR from the staff portal. 

Step 2 

Under ‘Learning and Development’ select ‘courses’

Step 3

Type in a key word from the workshop you wish to attend. E.g. if you are hoping to attend ‘Managing Your Career and Professional Brand’ try ‘managing’.

Step 4 

Your search will yield results under ‘More Courses’. Click the drop down boxes to show your desired course.

Step 5

Click on the icon with an arrow to start your request

Step 6

In the pop up window, enter any dietary requirements or comments that you think the administrator processing your registration needs to know. Then select ‘save’.

Step 7

Click Submit

Pro tip: Along with the warning symbol that appears in steps 4&5 you will also receive a warning here if the course is fully booked. You can still submit your request and our administrator will be in touch to confirm your place on the waitlist or provide other options.

Step 8

In the next window, select your supervisor and then ‘send to’ and you’re done! 

Still having issues submitting your request? 

Contact our People & Organisational Development team (formerly People, Development and Performance) or send us an email at