Chemwatch GoldFFX

Chemwatch GoldFFX is a web-based Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database and chemical management system. GoldFFX is used to:

  • Access information on the hazards and recommended safety precautions for a chemical or chemical product
  • Record the location of chemicals for hazardous chemicals registers and dangerous goods manifests
  • Print labels for chemicals decanted from their original container and/or chemical mixtures

All university staff and students can access chemical information via the staff or student portal once logged on using their university user ID and password. If you need to read or maintain a store/manifest on GoldFFX you will need to complete training on GoldFFX and then obtain a Chemwatch User Name and Password for the relevant store(s) through your local super user - see the list of super users below.

Students accessing GoldFFX should ensure that their safe use of chemicals is under the oversight of a UniSA academic or professional staff member, for example their research or course supervisor.

GoldFFX is supplied by an external provider, Chemwatch. If you require help with the use of GoldFFX please contact Chemwatch through the GoldFFX Help features, not the UniSA Helpdesk.

Chemical data entered in GoldFFX is used to track usage of hazardous chemicals across the university, determine total quantities on campuses and buildings for licensing and placarding purposes, and provide information to emergency services. Locally, GoldFFX can be used to generate a hazardous chemicals register for an organisational unit, research group or laboratory. For this reason, it is important that manifests/stores across the university are set up under a logical structure to assist with analysis.

Scrolling through and then clicking on the university folder tree or hierarchy within GoldFFX will display a list of chemicals within that part of the hierarchy. The store location needs to be clear with respect to the campus, the building, and the room number. The university convention is:

  • UniSA/Academic Unit/Program/Campus: Building/Room number/cabinet/shelf

An example might be:

  • UniSA/Clinical & Health Sciences/Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences/CW: Bradley Bldg/HB5-40C Research lab/Corrosives Cabinet 1/Acids
  • UniSA/STEM/FII/Mawson Lakes/G/G2-44/Shelf 2

Please check with your local super user if not sure where to set up your store in the folder tree structure.

For further information on GoldFFX, please contact your local Chemwatch super user, or the University Chemical Safety Officer on x26838 or email

Chemwatch super users

Organisational Unit Contact Person/s Email Address Extension
UniSA Clinical and Health Sciences

Serafina Close



Rajesh Baskaran  Anthony Duffy



UniSA Creative Steve Wilson  27015
UniSA Education Futures Mick Akeroyd

Resources Justin Faggotter

Centre for Cancer Biology

Alison Pincin

Ian Nicholson



Future Industries Institute John Denman Andrew Robinson        Scott Abbott   




All other Units Charles Nelson 26838

Training on GoldFFX

For further information on Chemwatch GoldFFX training, click here or contact your local Chemwatch super user.

Extra GoldFFX training sessions can be run for your Academic Unit or Research Institute by arrangement with the University Chemical Safety Officer.

Printing Chemical Labels in GoldFFX

All University staff and students have the ability to print compliant chemical labels via the Chemwatch GoldFFX system. Different size labels can be easily generated and printed to suit the size and shape of the chemical container.

Refer to the Printing Labels EasyGuide for instructions on how to print chemical labels and the Hazardous Chemical Labelling Guideline for further information on labelling requirements.