Supporting Staff

Staff with a disability are entitled to be treated with respect, courtesy, fairness and equity.

The University recognises that disability is not incapacity but a difference in ability that may benefit from workplace modifications, support and assistance. Staff with a disability are encouraged to discuss their disability with their line manager so that appropriate support and assistance is provided. The support provided may include re-design of job duties, the use of specialised equipment, modification of the work environment, and flexible work arrangements. Check the FAQ page to find out more about your rights and responsibilities as a staff member with disabilities.

Prospective staff are encouraged to discuss their disability at the interview stage. All applicants will be measured against the selection criteria and assessed on their ability to meet the inherent requirements of the role. Inherent requirements are the genuine characteristics of a role which are essential to perform the job.

During induction, a staff member should disclose their disability and whether they require any assistance or modifications and if a personal emergency evacuation plan (peep) is required. Refer to the Health Safety and Injury Management WHS 23 Induction Checklist.

Your local People, Talent and Culture (PTC) Unit and Work Health and Safety Consultants can provide support to a staff member with a disability and can provide information about work support plans if required. Further information can be found in the Non Work Related Illness / Injury – FAQ for Employees and for any enquiries, email Safety and Wellbeing.


The cost of providing work support is generally the responsibility of the local area. Typical expenses may include the cost of obtaining independent medical advice, conducting workplace assessments, implementing workplace adjustments, and purchasing assistive equipment. Where the costs exceed $1000, a request from the local PTC Business Partner can be made to the Safety and Wellbeing team on for consideration and approval of additional funds.

In addition, the Australian Government has an Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) to help employees and employers make workplace adjustments. An application for funds can be lodged by the staff member or their line manager. The EAF guidelines provide details about the EAF application process, eligibility, and the type of modifications and equipment funded through the EAF. An EAF job access adviser can be reached on 1800 464 800.

References and resources

For general enquiries about Work, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, please contact the Safety and Wellbeing team on or if urgent please telephone 8302 2459.

For staff with work-related injury or worker's compensation claim, please contact Pam Gomes, Return to Work Case Manager on 8302 2459 or email the Safety and Wellbeing team.

Staff may wish to contact UniSA's Superannuation Consultant or their relevant superannuation fund to explore whether any income assistance is available for temporary incapacity or a permanent disability.

Further information that may help staff and managers is listed below.