Newly Appointed Professional Staff FAQs


Congratulations on your appointment to the University!

Your first few days as a new staff member can be exciting and daunting but also frustrating. The most frustrating aspect is usually not knowing how the University operates and where to find information.

This is because we are a large and complex institution with thousands of people involved in keeping us moving. A series of induction resources have been developed to help fill the gaps in your knowledge relatively quickly so you can concentrate on the pleasure of becoming a part of the UniSA community.

This Quick Guide for new professional staff provides answers to some of the initial questions you might have as you commence work with the University. It is complemented by an Induction website and handbook, and other Quick Guides that will help you find your way through the organisation in the first few weeks of your employment.

At the University of South Australia we want our new staff to feel welcome and appropriately introduced to both the organisation and to its people.

If you have any questions regarding your induction please speak with your supervisor or contact People,Talent and Culture.

Key Contacts






1300 137 659

Campus Central Main Enquiries


26161 (Whyalla)  

1300 301 703 (Metropolitan campuses)

1800 808 957 (Whyalla)

People Talent & Culture


830 22220 

First Aid

88 888 (Security)

1800 500 911 (Security)

FM Assist

22261 City East  

20555 City West 

24055 Magill 

25055 Mawson Lakes  

55555 Mount Gambier and Whyalla (internal only)

8302 2261 City East                       

8302 0555 City West

8302 4055 Magill

8302 5055 Mawson Lakes

IT Helpdesk


8302 5000 or 1300 558 654

OHSW & IM Enquiries


8302 2459

Room Bookings

See FM Assist

See FM Assist



1800 500 911 Free call



8302 6611 Metropolitan         

(+61 8) 8302 6111 Whyalla

UniSafe Escorts


See Security



8302 6700


If you find yourself in an EMERGENCY situation RING SECURITY. 88888



Seven academic units and a number of coordinating portfolios report directly to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.

UniSA also has the UniSA College proving a pathway into university.

Further Information:

UniSA is a distinctive and internationally competitive University that now has more than 33,000 students (including 2,000+ online and 5,400+ international students).  Over 2,800 staff, 7 academic units which offer more than 200 world-class degrees, and a suite of online degrees in 12 different disciplines and career areas.  Campuses at City East, City West, Magill, Mawson Lakes, Whyalla and Mount Gambier.

Further Information:

The legislative and ethical responsibilities of UniSA staff include adherence to the following University policies and procedures:

  • Ethical conduct
  • Use of the intellectual property of others
  • Dealings with people under the age of 18
  • Program delivery for overseas students
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Responsible practice in research
  • Trade practices and consumer law obligations
  • Equal opportunity and anti-discrimination
  • Confidentiality of student’s personal information
  • Privacy
  • Respect. Now. Always

Further Information:

UniSA operates on seven study periods throughout the year. Offshore programs may be offered at any time of the year. Many postgraduate programs operate on a four-semester pattern. UniSA Online offers six online study periods per year

Further Information:

People, Talent & Culture

A range of induction materials are available online.

Corporate Induction is an event that occurs 4 times per year and is available to all new staff on continuing contracts and those on fixed-term contracts of six months or longer.

Staff can also speak with their local PTC contact and manager to discuss your induction program for your work area and Division or Portfolio. 

Further Information:

The probationary period allows the University to assess the suitability, skills and performance of the staff member against the requirements of the position as well as induct them and provide them with appropriate training and development opportunities. It also gives the staff member a chance to decide if they are suited to the position and the University. All continuing professional staff commencing employment with UniSA are subject to a period of probation of three (3) to six (6) months depending on the complexity of the role and the timeframe over which critical duties can be assessed.

Further Information:

Performance management recognises that the effective operation of the University depends on the knowledge, skills and performance of its staff.

Performance development and management is a participative process in which the staff member and supervisor share responsibility for the development of an action plan. The process should be implemented within the first two weeks of commencement of employment.

Further Information:

During your induction your supervisor will introduce you to key professional and academic staff both internal and external to your Professional or Academic Unit as required.

Further Information:

  • Refer to your supervisor

University staff are paid fortnightly by electronic funds transfer. Your salary will be deposited in the bank account you nominated in your bank deposit form for Continuing and Fixed term contract staff.

On the staff portal (myUniSA) under the ‘my Details ‘section is a tab called Pay Details, information about each pay. A link to download your payslip, can also be found here.

Further Information:

Information regarding leave entitlements is available from the PTC website.

On the staff portal (myUniSA) under the ‘my Details’ section is a tab called Leave. Information about your personal leave balances and any leave bookings, including a link to the online leave application system (myHR), can be found here.

Further Information:

Services, resources and facilities

It would be useful to familiarise yourself with the location of the following and the services they provide:

  • Supervisor’s office
  • School office
  • Division office
  • Campus Central
  • Library
  • Student Engagement Unit
  • Teaching rooms
  • Photocopiers
  • Security – offices and call points
  • First-aid boxes
  • Fire extinguishers

Further Information:

The Staff ID Card is a multi-use card for visual identification of staff, access to Cardax controlled buildings, library services, monitored photocopying and printing services.

Once you have an active contract, a Staff ID card can be issued by FM Assist staff on any campus.

myUniSA has a link to enable you to request a new card if your old card gets lost or damaged.

Further Information:

UniSA’s computing network supports a broad range of integrated systems, desktop applications and internet facilities for use by staff.

Access to the UniSA network and email will be automatically arranged for you as part of your contract. On your first day you will need to ring the IT helpdesk to set your password.

Access to other parts of our systems (if you require them to do your role) will be arranged in discussion with your supervisor.

Further information about email and calendars, telephones, the standard operating environment, how to connect from home, wireless access and the full range of services provided can be found via the ISTS homepage.

Further Information:

You can borrow from the Library at any campus, access inter-library loans, and exercise reciprocal borrowing rights with the libraries at Adelaide University and Flinders University.

You can gain access to Library services by taking your Staff ID card to the Service Desk at your campus Library.

Further Information:

Most staff are entitled to a desk at which to work, a computer, a telephone, stationery and photocopying facilities.

Your telephone access will have been automatically set up and further information about how to use the system and set up voicemail (and how to use mobile devices and conferencing) can be found on the ISTS site related to this topic.

Your area will have photocopying facilities and can provide you with other stationery needs; they can also advise you on the local policy regarding the use of UniPrint for printing multiple copies of materials.

Further Information:

One-off bookings in teaching rooms for any purpose can be booked via the online request or by contacting the FM Assist office on the campus where the room is located.

Other meeting rooms can be booked via your calendar or specific local processes (check with your supervisor). 

Further Information:

Most teaching spaces and meeting rooms are connected to the University network, allowing direct access to network facilities when using IT equipment. Most teaching areas and meeting rooms also have PCs and data projectors available for use.

Further Information:

The University has a GPO Box mailing address and this should be used whenever possible. You should ask people to include your School, Research Institute or Centre and internal post code in the address to ensure prompt delivery.

There is an internal mailing system for locations within UniSA and an external system.

Incoming mail is sorted daily. Most areas have a central collection point for mail directed to staff and a method of notifying staff when mail has arrived. Ask your supervisor for details.

Australia Post mail goes in the postbags in your area.

Correctly stamped personal mail can also be mailed through the University system.

Further Information:

UniSA mailing address:

University of South Australia

GPO Box 2471

Adelaide SA 5001

Mail and Courier – includes link to lists of internal post codes

Parking arrangements and fees vary across the University.

Short-term permits can be purchased from pay stations on the Magill and Mawson Lakes campus or via the UniSA Parki app which can be downloaded from the Apple iStore or the Google Play store. 

Long-term permits are purchased via the online V-permit portal. More details regarding eligibility criteria for purchasing permits can be found on the Parking Guidelines website.

City East and City West do not offer on-campus parking. You can park anywhere in the city through metered or free on-road parking and/or commercial off-road parking.

Further Information:

After-hours access to controlled buildings can be granted by your campus Security Office upon submitting the online Building access request form to change your access level. Access will then be gained by swiping your Staff ID card.

Further Information:

Keys for an office or other area within the university that you require access to can be requested through an Access Request Form – Electronic and Keys.

Further Information:


To enquire about or book a vehicle escort on any of the four campuses you can either attend the Security Office on your campus or dial 88 888 from any internal phone.

Also check the SafeZone app which is a smartphone-based safety initiative for use on all UniSA Campuses.

Further Information: