SPSS Work at Home (WAH) for UniSA Staff

UniSA has a limited number of SPSS licenses available for home use.

If you are a current UniSA staff member that is licensed to use a SPSS product then you are also permitted to use that product on your home computer.

This option is not available for Students. Please refer to the SPSS Students page for more details.

SPSS Home Use License Conditions

The following conditions apply:

  • You must be a current UniSA staff member.
  • SPSS is available for the purposes of teaching and/or conducting non-commercial academic research only.
  • Under no circumstances can application software or license activation keys be copied from the University software distribution server and taken off-site.
  • You must only use the Work At Home activation code on personally owned PCs. Do Not use the campus site codes on a personal PC as this contravenes the license agreement.
  • You are not to make copies of, loan or distribute UniSA licensed software to third parties.
  • UniSA licensed software is to be removed from home computer systems should the user leave the University.
  • UniSA licensed software is to be removed from home computer systems should the relevant license agreement expire, change or is discontinued.

NOTE: You will read and abide by the license agreement(s) associated with this Software.

Obtaining an SPSS License

To obtain a valid license for SPSS you are required to complete a Software License Application form.  Once your form has been processed you will be notified and advised of the activation key.

Downloading the Software

SPSS Statistics

Direct download links:

Entering the license

When prompted, choose "License Wizard" and "Authorised user license"

Further Assistance

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk on (08) 830 25000 or 1300 558 654.