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Accessing Staff Email via Staff Portal

Outlook Web App (OWA)

There is a OWA Premium version and an OWA Light version available.  The Light version will automatically be loaded if you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer/Edge (including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc) or if the Light version is manually selected when logging in to OWA.

Only the Light version is accessible for users who use devices such as screen readers.

Access to the OWA (Premium and Light versions) is via the Email link within myUniSA or by going directly to

Security Access

There are two security access levels available in OWA:

  • Public / Shared Computer:
    You will be logged out after an inactivity period of 15 minutes.
    Staff should use this option if the computer they are using is shared with others.  
  • Private Computer:
    You will be logged out after an inactivity period of 8 hours.
    Only use this option if you are using a secure, one user only, computer.  

The OWA login page will default to 'Public / Shared Computer'; however, this can be over-ridden by selecting the 'Private Computer' checkbox before selecting the Sign In button.

Step by step instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the how do I log into staff email through the Staff Portal? page.

  1. Log into OWA
  2. Click New mail
  3. Enter desired recipients
  4. Enter Subject
  5. Enter body of email
  6. Click Send

Or for step by step instructions (including screenshots) see emailing a staff member or student through OWA page.