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Panopto Hardware

Recommended and compatible hardware to allow you to create quality recordings with Panopto.

The microphone you choose is not as important as the environment you record in. For a high-quality recording, ensure the room you are in:

  • Has as little background noise as possible
  • Does not have an echo (carpet and sound absorbing materials on walls will help small rooms with this)
  • Is unlikely to be disturbed while recording

There are different types and qualities of microphones. Panopto is compatible with any type of microphone you can connect to your computer. USB microphones tend to be the simplest to configure.

Note: Often the microphone built into web-cams record poor audio due to their design, and how far away they sit from the presenter.

Headset or lapel microphones 

These are a good choice for recording as they will sit closer to you and allow you to move around freely without the volume changing. They will also help reduce background noise if that cannot be avoided. Ensure the microphone does not brush against your skin or clothes.

  • Look for a Logitech or Microsoft USB headset from any electronics or office supplies store.

Desk mounted microphones

These are also a good choice with a range of higher quality microphones commonly available designed for capturing voice.

  • Look for a USB microphone with a suitable stand from any electronics or office supplies store.

Wireless microphones

These have some limitations and should only be used where necessary. Please lodge an inquiry with the IT Help Desk for recommendations on a suitable model.

Panopto is compatible with most generic USB cameras. The camera you choose to use should allow you to position it and frame the area you want to capture.

In most cases, a standard USB webcam from any electronics or office supplies store will allow you to capture a reasonable range. You should look for a camera which supports 720p or 1080p (Full HD) recording.

  • A popular webcam which has been tested to work well is the Logitech C920.

Note: The microphone built into the webcam might not be the best option for your environment. Refer to the Microphone section for more information.

If you're looking to set up a room with a camera, a USB PTZ camera will allow flexibility. Please lodge a ticket with the IT Help Desk for advice on this.

Equipment suitable for software-based video conferencing (i.e. Zoom or Skype for Business) will also work with Panopto.

Microphones used for video conferencing are often designed to pick up a group of people in all directions, this can be harmful for recordings and may cause significant background noise or pick up noise from undesirable sources.