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SPSS Licensing for UniSA Staff

The University has a license agreement with SPSS that allows staff and students to use products covered by this agreement at no charge.


Compatibility between old and new versions of SPSS

Newer releases of IBM SPSS Statistics reading files from older releases is always supported. Older releases attempting to read files from newer releases may fail.

  • IBM SPSS Statistics introduces new functionality with each release. Running new command syntax in an older version fails.
  • IBM SPSS Statistics deprecates functionality too. Running deprecated command syntax in a new version results in errors or warnings.
  • Before SPSS 16.0, the Output Viewer file had a different structure and extension. The older file format is not supported in IBM SPSS Statistics.

Further information:

Conditions apply for both UniSA Staff and Student use of this licensed software. These include:

  • A Software License Application is required for a "Site Licence" installation.
  • SPSS is available for the purposes of teaching and/or conducting non-commercial academic research only.
  • Under no circumstances can application software or license activation keys be copied from the University software distribution server and taken off-site.
  • You will read and abide by the license agreement(s) associated with this Software.
  • Statistics Base
  • Regression
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Categories
  • Forecasting
  • Missing Values
  • Custom Tables
  • Complex Samples
  • Decision Trees
  • Neural Networks
  • Direct Marketing
  • Bootstrapping
  • Exact Tests
  • Conjoint
  • Data Preparation

There is no charge for SPSS products covered by this agreement. 

Additional modules (not listed under products covered above) will incur a cost.

For installing and activating SPSS please refer to vendor instructions located here


SPSS Statistics is available to all currently enrolled UniSA students.

It can be accessed on campus from a student Computer Pool or from a personally owned device using UniSA Student Applications

Students are also able to purchase an SPSS Statistics GradPack online which enables you to install the software on a personally owned device and continue to use the software after you leave UniSA.

UniSA owned device

SPSS and AMOS can be installed through the Software Center.
For more information see the licensing page.

At Home/Personal Device

Please refer to the Work at Home section below.

There are two methods that can be used to install a SPSS product on a University owned computer. 

A "Network License" is the preferred method and should normally be used unless there is a specific requirement.  The alternative method is a "Site License" installation. 

The differences are detailed on the licensing options page.

UniSA has a limited number of SPSS licenses available for home use.

If you are a current UniSA staff member that is licensed to use a SPSS product then you are also permitted to use that product on your home computer. For licensing conditions and requests please see the SPSS WAH page.

This option is not available for Students. Please refer to the Student use section above.