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OneDrive Downloading through UniSA Staff Account


Once your employment ceases at UniSA you will no longer have access to file(s)/folder(s) saved in your OneDrive. Once you have lost access there is no way to recover these items. Data in OneDrive is the responsibility of the individual and UniSA cannot be held accountable for any loss in data.

Any data which has previously been shared will also no longer be accessible.

Microsoft OneDrive allows users to download individual/multi-file(s)/folder(s) through its web interface. Instructions (including screenshots) can be found on the Microsoft Help page.
NOTE: This option will download the desired content as a zip folder, which will reduce the capacity required.

Alternatively, if you have the app already installed you can copy the content to somewhere else as you would any normal file/folder e.g. computer’s hard drive or shared drive or external hard drive.