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Purchasing and Licensing

UniSA has numerous software agreements in place with a variety of vendors. Some agreements are for use at work only, while other agreements include the rights to install software on personally-owned devices including computers at home.

All software contracts are different with specific conditions and nuances.

To see what software is available to you please see the list below or open Software Centre on your computer.

To request a specific software license please complete the Software Licence Application form.

Software / Application Product Software Type Cost Involved Office Use Install on Personal Device Details
Microsoft Office 365 Office productivity  No  ✓ More information
Microsoft OneDrive Office productivity / storage No More information
Adobe Creative Cloud Design and creativity  Yes  ✓ More information
Endnote Referencing Bibliography  No  ✓ More information
NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis  No  ✓ More information
Matlab Engineering / Mathematics  No  ✓ More information
Minitab Statistics  No  ✕ More information
SPSS Statistics  No  ✓ More information
Panopto Lecture Recording No  ✕ More Information
Wellnomics Office Ergonomics  No  ✕ More information
Read & Write  Screen Reading  No  ✕ More information
Dragon Naturally Speaking Screen Reading  No  ✕ More information

Installation of Open Source software on University computers is dependent on the conditions specified by the software creator. Enquiries should be directed to the IT Help Desk.

In special cases Campus IT Support may install trial versions of software on your computer for testing purposes but there are usually strict conditions – often trial software can only be used in non-production environments and must be uninstalled after 30 days.

Installation of Freeware software on University computers is dependent on the conditions specified by the software creator. Enquiries should be directed to the IT Help Desk.

Site licensing is the process of combining all the individual purchases of a software package into one bulk purchase or purchasing them using the one account. Software companies licensing procedures vary greatly so please use the following as a guide only.

NOTE: Centrally licensing software does not absolve the Academic Unit/Unit of the need for funding the software. If your Academic Unit/Unit does not have the funds for the software then site licensing will not help as the funding will still need to come from the areas that uses the software.

If you are interested in purchasing site software for your Academic Unit/Unit please see Bulk Purchase of Software Licenses page for recommended process.

Academic units requiring specific software for teaching their courses in the Computer Pools need to complete the Pool Software Installation Request Form

This form is required for:

  • General purpose pool rooms
  • Specialist pool rooms
  • Barns
  • UniSA Student Apps
  • Collabarative teaching spaces

The request should be submitted by the Course Coordinator or other staff member responsible for teaching the course. The requesting Academic Unit is normally responsible for providing the relevant licenses and the installation request should be accompanied by copies of the license or, in the case of public domain software or freeware, documentation of the relevant license conditions.

NOTE: Students can not request software to be installed on UniSA Pools or Barns, whether long term or short term. If students feel it will help them to complete their studies successfully they will need to consult with their Academic Unit.