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Accessing Staff Email

All University owned desktops and laptops come pre-installed with the SOE (Standard Operating Environment) for UniSA, which has Microsoft Outlook as the mail client. 

Staff also have the option to access their emails through mobile devices, personally owned devices, and web-mail (Outlook Web App (OWA)). The following FAQs will walk you through the process to achieve each option.

NOTE: You need to ensure you have successfully setup and connected to the UniSA VPN first.

  1. Connect to VPN
  2. Through the Control Panel and click on Mail
  3. Click E-mail Accounts...
  4. Click New
  5. Leave E-mail Account selected and click Next
  6. On the Auto Account Setup page enter the required details:
    • Your Name: <First name> <Last name>
    • Email Address: <firstname>.<lastname>
    • Password: <your UniSA password>
    • Retype Password: <your UniSA password>
  7. Click Next
    If a pop-up box appears asking for your login details again make sure you select Another account and then enter uninet\<username> and <your UniSA password>.
  8. On the Microsoft Outlook pop-up regarding Allowing tick Don't ask me about this website again and click Allow
  9. Outlook will go through Configuration checks. On successful completion click Finish.
  10. Close all windows and open Outlook

NOTE: To use Outlook in the future you will need to connect to the VPN first, give the PC a minute or 2 after successful connection and then open Outlook.

For more information on Supported Clients for UniSA staff email see Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 clients

To ensure University data is best protected, staff wanting to access their University email from a mobile device are required to have a PIN, Password or Passcode set on their device.  This applies to both University owned as well as personally owned devices.  The University does enforce that a PIN or Passcode be set on mobile devices that connect to UniSA staff email.  The University does not enforce other mobile policies for your device.

As the University is not under any obligation to provide access to UniSA staff email on personal devices then the decision to configure email on a personal device should be made in accordance with University security settings. If the device is unable to be configured or the owner perceives it is a risk to their device the options are to not configure email, accept the risk, or discuss with their manager their need for a UniSA device.

If you are not sure how to set a Passcode/PIN, step by step instructions can be found on the how to set a Passcode/PIN on mobile device page.

Further information about mobile device security can be found on the Information Security page.