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Hardware Disposal of University Owned Equipment

All University computers must be returned to ISTS for decommissioning. University computers remain the property of UniSA until they have been decommissioned and sold.

  IT equipment should NEVER be disposed of in general rubbish!


This section includes information regarding the current hardware assets decommisioning and disposal process adopted by ISTS for equipment purchased through UniSA funds.

Before contacting ISTS to dispose of any IT hardware please read the relevant section of the University's Purchasing, Maintenance and Disposal Policy. Additionally, please be aware that IT equipment that is recorded as an asset by Finance needs approval as per Vice Chancellor's Authorisations before being sold.

At the end of 5 years the user(s) of a device will be contacted by ISTS to begin the process of replacement. All decommissioned devices are data-cleaned and sent to an Auction house for sale to the general public. Recovered funds are then reimbursed to  Academic Units and Business Units to offset some of the costs of new hardware.

NOTE: Staff are unable to purchase old devices from the University. If a staff member wishes to retain a decommissioned device then they will need to speak to Campus IT who can provide the contact details of the Auctioneers. This includes devices that have been purchased using PD funds which are the property of UniSA until passed onto Auction for disposal.

For more information please see the Resale of IT Hardware page.

If you have IT hardware or other IT equipment that isn’t being used, please complete this form and ISTS will arrange for it to be collected. 

All collected hardware will be securely data wiped so please ensure that all data has been copied prior to collection.

Generally the replacement of your computer will be arranged between ISTS and the General Manager or Unit Manager. Prior to replacement you will receive an email notifying you that your computer is marked for replacement. Shortly after this a member of your Campus IT Support team will contact you to arrange a day/time for swap over.

While every effort will be made to make the changeover as smooth as possible, there are a number of things that you need to do prior to the replacement date:

  • Ensure all critical data residing on the local hard drive has been copied or moved to a more appropriate location.  
    NOTE: Following replacement, your old computer will be WIPED so anything saved locally will be lost.
  • You should list all software and applications you use regularly that are not a part of the UniSA Standard Operating Environment.
  • Where possible, please ensure supporting documentation is available such as license conditions and serial numbers.
  • Please make note of additional mailboxes or PST files connected in your Outlook.
  • Make note of any special or non-standard application settings or browser information that you need to keep. Let your Campus Support person know if you need to keep your Favourites.
  • Take note of the printers that you regularly use.
  • Remove all clutter from your space so that a clean area is provided. This includes stickers and post-it notes attached to your computer and monitor.

The Purchasing, Maintenance and Disposal Policy can be found in the link below;