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Appian is UniSA's chosen software for online administration tasks and actions. Users will have access to different actions, tasks reports and records depending on their system roles.

Directly through or you can install the app on your mobile.

Appian allows UniSA Staff and Students to complete UniSA Forms which require workflow status changes (approval) electronically.

It allows users to start and save, return and submit or approve UniSA procedural forms. Users can also review previously submitted forms.

When a form is completed, Appian notifies the requester progressively via email when each stage is completed.

For further information (including screen shots) see the Appian page.

NOTE: The below might slightly vary between iOS and Android devices.

  1. Go to Play Store or App Store
  2. Search for UniSA Forms
    You can also search for Appian, they both work the same. The difference is UniSA Forms automatically knows the server details, whereas you have to enter them for Appian. 
  3. Tap Install
  4. Tap Open
  5. Tap Set up my account
  6. Tap Add an account
    NOTE: If you have installed Appian you will need to enter the Server Address instead of tapping Add an account and tap Next.
  7. Enter <UniSA Username>
  8. Enter <UniSA Password>
  9. Tap Add Account
  10. Tap either Allow or Don't Allow "UniSA Forms" Would Like to Send You Notifications

Or for step-by-step instructions (including screen shots) see how to install Appian on my mobile page.