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Purchasing, Disposal & Offers on Hardware

All purchasing of computer hardware for UniSA is performed by authorised IT staff only, in consultation with Academic and Business Units. All requests for the purchase of new hardware should be initially directed to the respective Unit Managers.

University Owned Devices are recommended to be replaced every 5 years. Beyond this, the risk of hardware faults increases and the level of support ISTS can provide becomes limited.

ISTS will review this life cycle frequently to ensure devices meet University needs.

The current process for the replacement of University Owned Devices is as follows: 

  • When University Owned Devices reach the end of their current life cycle, ISTS will flag these devices for replacement 
  • A list of devices flagged for replacement and recommendations will be sent to managers within each Unit  
  • Managers of each Unit will analyse the data, agree to the replacement of devices, and send the list back to ISTS 
  • ISTS will proceed with ordering and deploying devices based on Unit recommendations 

As per the replacement process for University Owned Devices, ISTS will provide replacement lists to the relevant Unit managers. If you would like to discuss computer hardware requirements, please discuss them with your Unit manager in the first instance. If you would like to check whether a University Owned Device meets the requirements for replacement, please log a request with the IT Help Desk. 

The majority of computer hardware requests should be covered under the current replacement process as outlined above. There may be instances where an ad-hoc computer hardware request is required. Some examples of this include: 

  • New staff starting at the University without a suitable device 
  • Postgraduates starting at the University without a suitable device 
  • Currently assigned University Owned Device does not meet the required specification to perform the required role
  • Hot desks, meeting rooms, etc. 
  • Research computers 

When logging a request to the IT Help Desk please include the following information: 

  • The name of the staff/student who will be using the device 
  • The date the computer hardware is required for 
  • The employment status of the staff/student who will be using the device, e.g., continuing, contract, adjunct, PhD 
  • The blue plate of the device the staff member is currently using (if any) and if this device will be replaced as part of this purchase 
  • The campus and room where the staff/student will be primarily located 
  • The purpose of the equipment, e.g., office, research, shared device 
  • The equipment you require (including peripherals), e.g. laptop, dock, monitors, keyboard, mouse

The University Owned Device should be returned to ISTS. The device will be checked to ensure it is still suitable, cleared of personal data from the previous user and fully updated ready for a new user.

See this AskIT page for more information.

Most staff and HDR student office devices can be funded by a Corporate Cost Centre. ISTS follow Finance guidelines to determine which devices are funded by the Corporate Cost Centre. ISTS will check if a requested device meets the guidelines, if it does not, a Unit Cost Centre and approval will be requested.

The information provided to the IT Help Desk will be used to determine if a device can be covered by the Corporate Cost Centre (see the section above, ‘What information do I need to provide to the IT Help Desk when requesting computer hardware?’).

Please see the Desktop, Laptop or Tablet page for information on recommended makes and models, as well as pricing. It is recommended that all University staff are provided with a laptop unless deemed unsuitable. 

Please contact the IT Help Desk in the first instance and provide as much information as possible, including the blue plate number, what the issue is and how it happened (if known). The device will then be examined by ISTS and a decision will be made on whether to replace or fix the device based on the cost and the age of the device. 

University staff are able to access offers through our suppliers for the purchasing of new equipment for personal use. Please see the Staff Personal Hardware Purchasing page.

University staff are able to purchase University owned equipment that has reached the end of support/maintenance period in certain circumstances. For full details see the Resale of Hardware page.