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Conducting a Video Conference

The information on this page assumes you already have the software and equipment required to conduct a video conference.

If you do not have the required software and/or equipment please refer to the Video Conferencing Rooms page.

It is strongly suggested you:

  1. Practice using the video conferencing equipment to ensure you are comfortable and confident to do so before the meeting takes place.
  2. Book the room 15 min prior to the start time to ensure equipment is working on the actual day.
  1. Schedule you're meeting in your preferred platform (i.e. Teams or Zoom) and provide all users with the link/details.
  2. Book a room if required.
  3. Book a time with the IT Help Desk well in advance of your conference to ensure you can use the conference application and are able to adjust audio and video settings.  NOTE: The IT Help Desk can participate in a test video conference with you to test the connection and settings.
  4. Conduct a test video conference with the other participant in advance of the real conference. This is recommended for more important events such as job interviews or presentations to external participants.
  5. If your video conference involves sharing content such as a PowerPoint presentation, desktop screen sharing or a white-board, make sure you have tested this thoroughly.  The IT Help Desk can also assist you with this.
  6. If necessary, the IT Help Desk are able to arrange for further assistance.
  Description Advantages Limitations
Teams A desktop and web platform for video conferencing, instant messaging, and more.
Pre-installed on all UniSA Staff PCs/Laptops.
The successor of Skype for Business/Lync

All UniSA staff already have an account.
Desktop and mobile apps.
Video, audio and screen sharing.

Maximum of 1000 participants.
Zoom A desktop and web platform for video conferencing.
Used for online teaching at UniSA.

All staff and students have an account.
Desktop and mobile apps.
External users can create and use free accounts.
Video, audio and screen sharing.

Maximum of 300 participants.

Polycom Is installed in a number of purpose-built lecture theatres at UniSA. Simple one-to-one video conferencing with good audio and video quality. Requires same or compatible equipment at the other end, sharing of content and accommodating more than 2 participants (end points).