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Webex Compatible Headsets

When receiving and making calls with Webex you can use the same headset you were utilising for Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings.

The Webex Help Centre publishes a full list of both Cisco and Third Party headsets which have been certified to work with Webex Calling. Cisco have advised the listed headsets will provide the best experience when using the Webex Calling platform.

Staff with another brand of headset may choose to test the functional compatibility themselves, however this may impact the Webex Calling service in unexpected ways and not provide full functionality.

You will need the following components:

  • Mini USB to USB cable OR Micro USB to USB Cable Jabra requires Micro
    • Polaris requires Mini
    • Power Cable for the Headset
  • Polaris/Jabra Base & Headset
  • Spare USB port on your Laptop/Dock or Desktop

To setup your headset:

  1. Connect the mini-USB port to rear of the Polaris/Jabra Base as well as the Power Cable.
  2. Plug the power into the Power Socket on the wall.
  3. Then plug the other end of the USB cable into your Laptop, Laptop Dock or Desktop USB port.
    NOTE: Allow a minute or two for Windows 10/11 to recognise the headset and install relevant drivers.


Or for step-by-step instructions (including photos) see the connecting Polaris/Jabra headset page.

If a new physical telephone (with extension) or just an extension number is required please see the Telephone Work Request page.
NOTE: Telephone Work Requests (TWR) can be more complicated than they first seem as contractors or Network Services may need to install extra network hardware to complete your request. Please allow ample time for the completion of TWRs.

IT do not provide headsets for staff to purchase. Please speak with your unit purchasing office to purchase headphones or headsets for work use. UniSA’s preferred stationary supplier has a number of compatible headsets listed under “Tested and compatible headsets".