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Video Conferencing Rooms

UniSA has a number of AV rooms set up for video conferencing.

Search for a video conferencing room on the AV Venues page.

Use the search tool to filter the list of rooms under the 'AV Features' box.

Choose either Software or Polycom video conferencing to see a list of rooms with the required equipment installed.

Depending on which video conferencing system you are using, you may need to know details of the room it's hosted in.

These details will be important to allow you and other participants to join the conference.

If your meeting is being hosted using a Software-based system (i.e. Teams or Zoom), you will not need to know the details of the physical room to join the conference.

You will instead use a computer/device to join the meeting. To do so, you may need to know the following:

  • Meeting ID
  • Login details
  • Password/PIN
  • Link (usually in an email or calendar invitation)